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Have You Been Seeing The Master Numbers 11, 22 And 33? Here’s What They Mean

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have been in contact with numbers since our early childhood. Our residences have – in most cases – a number; we wish a happy birthday to our loved ones and celebrate our own birthday.

Not to mention our phone number, the number of our bank account, the numbers that make up the various codes that we know by heart. Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.

It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. If paid attention, numbers can help and save you in and from a lot of things.

Each number has a particular significance. It can be good or bad. Sometimes a number seems to follow us around. We see it everywhere: on clocks, on registration plates, in a phone number, or a house number.

Of course, it raises questions. The first answer to this phenomenon may seem to be quite prosaic and yet it is common sense; it can even be scientifically explained!

Numbers like 11 22 and 33 are said to be master numbers.  In Numerology all numbers are reduced down to the vibration of a single digit, for example, a 25 is reduced to a 7 (2 + 5 =7), and 18 becomes a 9 (1 + 8 = 9).

However, in Numerology 11, 22 and 33 require unique attention. These are called the ‘Master Numbers’. Each of these master numbers has a specific message attached to them.

Let’s see what they are.

11- A Master number, the 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is instinctual, charismatic, dynamic and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal. The 11 is the number associated with faith and psychics. Master number 11 is indeed very charming but if not handled properly it can have a negative response. They tend to be very shy, stressed and conflicted.

22- The 22 is the most powerful of all numbers, able to turn lofty dreams into realities. It is a pragmatic number, a doer, capable of spinning wild dreams into concrete reality. Those who have 22 in their Numerology chart have great potential for success

33-The 33 is the mover and shaker of the Master numbers.  Number 33 represents a full understanding of communication. With 33 represented in one’s Numerology chart, that person is probably highly knowledgeable, but also fact-checks before preaching ideas or ideals. Someone with 33 in their chart has the ability to throw themselves into a project that goes far beyond mere practicality.

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