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The New Moon On Sept 28th Is A Supermoon And Brings The Balancing Forces Of Libra

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

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As with all New Moons, the one on 28th September will be crucial for transformation and healing. Since this is also a Super Moon, you can expect to find yourself feeling its effect more intensely.

Saturn arrives in the South Node while Chiron also turns highly active, signifying the challenges and upheavals that this New Moon would bring. But you will also transform as a result of this.

Since Venus is ruled by Libra, the New Moon is going to make us look at things in a very different way this Libra season. Our inter-personal relationships trigger us, which would also lead us to introspect.

We will look into the very nature of our relationships. The relationships that we keep will help us in our journey through life.

This New Moon is going to make it easier for us to set the tone for our relationships, either by moving on from them or setting up better boundaries.

We might even close the distance between us and our partners. If your relationship doesn’t seem to work out or puts a lot of problems before you, it will also give you the intuition to move away, when required.

Sometimes, the Universe sends people or events in our lives, who don’t really behave well with us. But they still teach us valuable lessons and often are simply an eye-opener for us.

Let the New Moon open such portals for you, where you would be able to find love in your heart so that you can deal with these individuals. Not only will it teach you patience and forgiveness, but it will also take you on a ride to higher awareness.

Not just the Libra season or the New Moon, but even the very month of September is sensitive. The Equinox will make sure that the shroud between fact and fiction come to the barest of minimums, which will allow us to traverse between consciousnesses.

The very fragment of Nature is changing. Nothing is constant and things are transient in nature. Mother Nature is ever-growing, ever-blossoming, and ever-changing. Don’t hold yourself back then – transform.

So, go inside and find the other side of you. Also, since energy would be manifested heavily during this period, you might as well utilize it to create something for yourself.

Ask what you really need to go through life or what you really need to go through the end of 2019? When you ask yourselves these questions, you would be able to use the energy to your benefit.

We all know that Libra is all about balancing the scales. Now, while many energies are at play during this New Moon, Libra is forever aware of the balance that runs underneath all these.

It is the 7th sign, and the magic number 7 always charges this sign up with spirituality. Libra wishes us to seek the balance that holds us together in the worlds between spiritual and physical manifestations of reality.

Remember, we live on this world but this isn’t our true home. While we might focus on what we are doing, there is much happiness in not getting mixed up in the problems of the physical realm.

You can simply look at it from the point of a bystander, experiencing what it means to be human. Use this Libra New Moon to get rid of any and all attachments that drag you down. They aren’t worth it.

See we know that you want a balance in life. But the balance that you seek is very superficial- it is about setting your home straight or your career-personal dichotomy.

But the balance that you should seek is in accepting what fate has in store for us, and what we are working on our own.

You can’t change everything that you don’t want- you simply need to accept that you are human and surrender to the forces of nature. There is a beauty in it.

Balance simply doesn’t mean the scales between you and someone else. It means the balance, the very harmony between you and what is around you.

It is the balance between what is and what should be. Find the balance. Open yourself up to the Libran energy.

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