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Importance Of Harmonizing The Throat Chakra And 9 Ways To Do It

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What is the throat chakra? It is the energetic centrum meant for communication with others which commands our hearing process that physically includes our nose, throat, ears among others.

Also called the fifth chakra, this is the part at the base of our neck. It enables us to open up for our own selves, letting our inner voices be made audible while at the same time maintaining a harmonious relationship with the others.

A person who is introverted and shy, holds onto his raw emotions without letting them out because speaking out always indicates something fierce for them. Since they don’t want to indulge in conflicts, they swallow all their emotions and deal with them alone.

But they should realise that coming out of such a negative situation is important and possible.

Symptoms of a choked chakra

Cough, cold, a sore throat, lump in the throat, infections, allergies, neck pain, hoarseness and frequent sinus infections are the frequent indicators.

Step by step guideline to open your throat chakra

  • Talking about it openly

Talking opening about it with the closest nearest people helps you open your throat chakra.

  • Write down all about it

Writing means to express yourself beautifully. Take your pen and jot down the words. You’ll see that you can feel all the difference. Revisit your own write up some other day and soak in all the points thoroughly.

  • Hum it out

A technique of self expression, singing removes all blockages and activates the fifth chakra. Singing renders, the vibration of all the vocal chords that opens up the throat chakra.

  • Ease yourself and let it go

Nothing is outside your own control. Being your own self and being loving and caring helps ease your own body and heart. Let others feel your love. Convey the message with all the heartfelt gratefulness and honesty.

  • Doing yoga helps

Exercise can never go wrong. Repairing physical and emotional cycles of throat chakra by practicing at least one yoga step each day balances your mind and soul.

  • Cleaning the air of all the impurities

Living in a fresh environment extends your throat chakra. Aromatherapy at home can alleviate your body balance and erase negativity from all around. Using scents as a healing measure like jasmine, sandalwood, rosemary, calendula and others activates energy centres.

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