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’It’s Karma, Baby!’ 5 Reasons Why Emotionally Intelligent People Never Retaliate

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us probably believe that avenging ourselves when others hurt us will give us the satisfaction and closure we’re looking for but this is simply not true.

Those who are actually strong are well aware that if they let karma do its job, those who have hurt them will be well taken care of. The world works on the maxim ‘what goes around comes around’ so there’s no need to get your hands dirty.

Keep reading to find out exactly why you shouldn’t be trying to get even.

1. It’s much more satisfying to watch karma take care of it

The universe does give you your just desserts so whoever hurts others will find themselves in the same position at some point. Karma is frighteningly accurate and all the bad the person has done will come right back to them. You will get much more satisfaction just watching that person tear themselves apart.

2. Letting karma do it for you keeps your hands clean

It is not easy to get revenge and often enough it will weigh on you like a burden. But karma isn’t bound by any societal norms or laws and you don’t have to be part of anything illegal. You can live normally and just let karma do its job.

3. You know you need to pick your battles

A smart person will know that they cannot defeat everyone. Trying will only see you losing what you already have. Don’t hold on to grudges because you are just wasting your time. Move on and try to live happily.

4. If you take revenge for yourself the consequences could be dire

You might go about taking revenge by palming it off on someone else but remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Even if you escape the law and society, karma will know and come for you.

5. The best revenge is living well

People hurt you because they wish to see you suffer. You can defeat them by showing them that they have no negative effect on your life. Work towards your goals and your success will be enough to make them suffer.

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