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5 Ways To Get Motivated And Improve Your Study Habit

by consciousreminder
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by Emily Watts
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder 

Studying gets a little tricky once in a while. Although it is the desire of every student to maintain better grades and land a convenient position in a career. However, to attain all this will require a lot of dedication and hard work.

Getting all this is challenging especially when there is nothing tangible to push you. Lack of commitment often leads to degrading, which affects your results after the exams. If you are looking for ways to regain the initial seal and motivation towards your studies, this blog is here for you. It will enlighten you on five basic tips to keep you motivated and improve your studies for better results. 

Imagine the end goal

The more you try to improve study habits the higher setbacks and obstacles you face. These setbacks will always pull you back and often set you off your goals. It gets even harder when you have no ways of setting your eyes off the obstacles. With an image of the results, it is easy to stay motivated. Thinking of how much you can accomplish if only you push yourself a little farther can help. You can apply skills as those that athletes use. Focus on the prize and overlook the obstacles. 

Set a schedule 

Another thing that may prevent you from feeling motivated in your studies is when you juggle around everything at the same time. It is not easy to accomplish all at one breath. Setting a schedule that will guide you on how to do everything can bring back the motivation in studying. With a program, it will be easy for you to embrace studies and make it part of your regular routine. Additionally, you will always have enough time to complete your assignments as well as prepare for future exams. With a schedule, you will also be able to fight procrastination, which often drains your motivation.

Make something 

Students have a different style of learning and remembering things. Depending on your brain capacity, you can try by making something from what you learned. For you to remain motivated and improve your studies, ensure you are making something interesting from what you read. For instance, you can make posters, rhymes, acronyms, or acts to help you remember particular lessons. Therefore, every time you wish to remember anything you learnt, you will think of what you made. 

Just do it 

Before you start reading or attending to your duties, it gets even harder to start. However, once you engage yourself to do it, the motivation will just flow, and you will get yourself on the move. Once you have set your goals and everything is in place for your studies, the simplest and easiest step is to start. Trick yourself into starting and encourage yourself to do it. Even if you plan for over centuries, as long as you do not have the motivation to begin, there is a high possibility that you will not meet your goal. You can start by setting short and reasonable deadlines to boost your motivation 

Do something new

If you are willing to get new results, then you must begin by doing something new. A different routine will always lead to different conclusions. Study motivation will not happen overnight. You will have to introduce new tactics for you to improve your study and remain motivated. When you start with a different routine, it will be easy for you to change from making the same mistakes that others make throughout the journey. Additionally, doing something new guarantees you that you are taking steps towards achieving your goals.

All the above tips are just basic ways to improve studying for any student. However, for you to remain motivated all the way from beginning to the end of your studies, ensure you regularly check back on your target. Additionally, every time you achieve something during your motivation journey, be kind to reward yourself. The simple rewards you receive from yourself often encourage you to work extra hard. As you would wish someone to recognize you for doing a particular task for them, the same trend will enhance desires to study. Although you have your eyes on the bigger prize, intermittent prizes are convenient for keeping your dreams valid. 

Emily Watts

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