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Overcoming Inferiority Complex: Most Common Signs And Symptoms

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by Conscious Reminder

Feeling down after a major setback is very normal and is experienced by almost everyone. Such a feeling of worthlessness can arise either after interpersonal conflict with a loved one or after a failure to achieve desired goals.

Even though this feeling is normal but if you feel bad about yourself all the time and are not able to have faith in your abilities then you may be suffering with the problem of inferiority complex. In such a condition you will feel lack of self-confidence, values; which will make you doubt in your abilities. It will also make you think the overarching idea that other people are better than you in all the things you are able to do.

In this article we’ll touch upon the definition of inferiority complex and we’ll see the different reasons for why it crept in your life in the first place.

What is Inferiority Complex?

To put the definition in simple terms, we can say that inferiority complex means that you are not able to look beyond your flaws and you keep comparing yourself with others while giving them an unfair advantage by looking at their strengths only. People with inferiority complex are not able to see their strengths at all and all they think and worry about is their weaknesses.

It is true that one must be aware about their flaws and must work on them for a better life but looking at only one’s own flaws results in feelings of unhappiness, as claimed by various psychological studies.

It is believed that the most common causes of inferiority complex can be traced to early childhood where some experiences leave a permanent dent in the child’s psyche. For example, some harsh experience in the school may result in the child thinking that he/she is not good enough as compared to other people and this the beginning of self-doubt.

We are not suggesting here that the person should believe that they are the best and the pinnacle of everything even when they are not. It is the middle path that people must follow.

Signs of Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex cannot be limited to just some visible signs but still we need some empirical signs which can make it easier for people to look for the common symptoms of inferiority complex. These are some of the more common signs of this condition:

1. Feeling Worthless

This is an obvious feeling if you will see only the brighter side of others and will then compare them with your own self. You will always fall short in comparison to the almost perfect image that you have constructed of the people around you. These days the feeling of worthlessness is increasing amongst the youth due to the advent of social media where everyone tries to portray their best version.

2. Sensitivity To Criticism

Even the most constructive criticism makes you feel vulnerable and results in you doubting your abilities. 

3. Imagining Negative Judgements

You always have this idea that others do not like you. This makes you behave in a weird way with them; resulting in them being repelled away from you (This time for real). 

4. Submissiveness

It is almost impossible for you to stand up for your own self. 

5. Perfectionism

You do not consider anything successful until it is done perfectly and thus you feel that most of your endeavours are utter failures.

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