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10 Reasons Why Female Empaths Struggle To Find True Love

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Female Empaths are the most precious of human beings.

But they are also the most challenging and it is not a walk in the park being in a relationship with one.

Not all men are qualified enough to handle them, and here are 10 reasons why it is so difficult:

1. They cannot be satisfied with only physical compatibility. They need someone who understands their emotional requirements as well.

2. They cannot be held down. Female Empaths are amongst the freest souls and their freedom is their most prized possession.

3. They are not confused souls. They have a clear idea of what they want. And they expect their partners to fulfill these desires. If you can’t keep up with them then your time is up.

4. They’d be very inquisitive. And this constant interrogation is enough to drive many men to the edge. But they just want to know clearly what is up, and don’t mean to trouble you.

5. They are straightforward and won’t waste any time in nurturing your feelings or the sort. Expect nothing but the raw truth from them.

6. They are not superficial especially when it comes to emotions. When they form a bond with someone they go all the way. Not everyone is comfortable with the kind of intensity that comes with being with an empath.

7. They are not into casual dating or relationships which are short term. Finding someone who isn’t afraid of commitment is not easy.

8. They want someone whom they can trust blindly. They like to surround themselves with people on whom they can rely on.

9. They are quick to see what’s the best and the worst that someone is capable of doing. Doesn’t mean that it’s as easy to read them.

10. They love with all that they have got and for some people it becomes too much to handle. But nothing would ever be the same again if you’ve been loved by an empath.

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