New Religion: Former Google Engineer Is Developing An Artificial Intelligence God!

Anthony Levandowski is no ordinary person. He went from being an engineer at Google to heading the Uber self-driving program before becoming the CEO of Way of the Future.

This is a religious corporation, strictly nonprofit, which has been in operation since September 2015 with the sole purpose of creating an AI God.

The organization intends to use this Godhead to help in the development of society.

We do not know how large Way of the Future is, or how much work they done on this Godhead.

But we do know that Levandowski’s aim is to enable this creation to command worship and obedience.

Many find this idea very attractive. The organization claims that in half a century, this Godhead will have surpassed humanity in all respects.

Christian organizations like the Christian Transhumanist organization are in favor of this as they believe it will help those seeking redemption if it is created keeping in mind Christian values.

However, many prominent personalities disapprove of this as they believe AI’s are detrimental to the growth of humankind.

Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and others do not think we will be able to merge in harmony with machines no matter how technologically advanced we are.

Musk has often warned that instead of worrying about North Korea’s aggressions, we should be worrying about AI as it will soon be out of our control.

While it is true that AI might be useful in the future to create more prosperity and development, we cannot escape the elephant in the room.

What if, one day, we become weaker than the AI we have developed and they realize that?

What if humans in the future live under the regime of an omniscient, omnipotent, godlike, AI machine?

What if those days are not far away? 

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