Recognize Your Twin Flame Telepathy Symptom


by Conscious Reminder

The symptom of twin flame telepathy: When you start noticing signs which look like examples of telepathy of twin flames, you should not be worried – you are definitely not becoming crazy. This type of connection between them is a well-known, as well as well-documented one.

When we are aware of the symptoms of the telepathic connection, they are going to help us in identifying that connection, as well as harness all the powers it has.

Here, we will look at the most frequent symptoms which people can experience and which are connected to the telepathy of twin flame, as well as the silver cord connection.

1. The symptom of telepathic connection of twin flames.

Every person has a specific phase of skill in non-verbal communication, which means the use of empathy and body language.

However, when it comes to twin flames, such communication on a subconscious level is hugely enhanced.

When we are together with a person, we actually knew what that person feels even when he or she tries to hide that. We will know that, mainly when they will try to hide that.

When it comes to twin flames, we can have a full conversation without the use of words.

2. Sharing their dreams.

Actually, dreams are considered the first portal to spirituality for a lot of people. In fact, it is in that moment that our relationship with the twin flame is mostly manifested. With sharing the dreams, we actually mean that twin flames have one same dream happening at the same time when they are entirely separate from one another.

This means that those twin flames are in the one same place on the spiritual plane at the time of the dream.

So, the main point of all this is going to be to perform some spiritual working at the time when your bodies rest, using the silver cord twin flame connection in order to proceed through some karmic lessons during the night.

3. Messages conveyed telepathically.

You should not be excited a lot – such messages are entirely different from emails or even text messages.

While you are far from your twin flame, you are frequently going to receive little messages which they send, such as thoughts or emotions which appear all of a sudden and feel like they do not come from us.

When your twin flame feels scared, ecstatic, or especially loved, or other extreme emotions, you are going to feel that because of telepathy.

4. Sensing the presence of one another.

Probably, you experienced such a thing, without even thinking of it – this is quite common.

For example, during your day, while you are at your workplace or you do some housework, shopping, and so on, you will suddenly feel that your twin flame is around you.

It can seem like a well-known feeling or energy or scent too, which are going to associate with your twin flame.

But, this does not mean that you saw the future; on the contrary, what occurred was that the energies of your twin flame preceded them and their aura also stretched out, reaching and contacting our aura.

This is so-called energy telepathy, and it is when we actually know that a person watches us.

The things from above are the examples of telepathic connection of twin flames.

When you engage in spiritual practices with your twin flame, like chakra healing and meditation, that is going to permit you better understand and know the authentic energies your twin flame has. In this way, telepathy will also be strengthened.

art: Kiss of the Muse ~ Alex Grey 

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