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Today’s Gemini Full Moon Is Carrying Important Message: Be Careful With Your Words

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by Conscious Reminder

Today, November 23rd, the Moon is shifting into the sign of Gemini, just opposite the Sun which, yesterday, made way into its yearly trip in the constellation of Sagittarius.

So, at zero degrees Gemini, our Moon will be full, as well as ripe with some potential, a starting point. The cycle will come to completeness with all those energies of a motivational and inspiring new start.

Now, it will be the period of dreaming your dreams, as well as engaging and perfecting your capacity of holding your visions about your future, while you take care of some details in life.

Also, our Sun is actually blessed with the planet Jupiter being close to it and Mercury following Sagittarius. Everything looks more energized, possible, brighter and bigger when viewed through the eyes of Jupiter.

Every one of us is eager for some adventure, in that way bringing something new, moving ahead, as well as exploring newly found realms or keeping all the options wide open.

However, we should also be conscious of the tendency of Jupiter, in order to recover from the enthusiastic, as well as excessive and distracted or even dogmatic by those glorious visions. With the planet Mars being in this tense square of the Moon and the Sun, we will be prepared for extreme behavior, as well as overindulgence.

This Full Moon happening in the sign of Gemini will be a perfect time for shaking up our mental realms, such as our mind, perceptions, also how we think or speak, teach or learn, and in what we believe and why we do so.

We should go outside and learn new things, in order to shake up our mentality or even explore some new cultures, people, or views on the world.

Sagittarius is actually the most open-minded, as well as tolerant signs and it welcomes in all the diversities of global awareness. It always seeks the truth, as well as the meanings in our lives on Earth.

Being in the sign of Sagittarius, Mercury is actually the ruler of this Full Moon. Having Mercury going retrograde, starting this 16th November and being influenced by the conjunction of Sun and Jupiter, it will be of crucial importance to be careful with our words, or how we come across saying them, and what effects it will have on other people.

When we will be on that receiving end of a powerful communication, we may have to step back or aside and permit our breath – the Gemini – guide us into a well balanced and formed response, or another way, the square of Mars with the Moon and the Sun can take us at a place we don’t desire to be.

Moving into the fire or air signs – Sagittarius and Gemini, it is going to mark a moving away from all the feminine and moving into an active and better masculine influence coming from planets.

A lot of the less fixed Zodiac signs will open now, and those that are more oriented to change, as well as mutable, are also present in the chart, which will make it easier to do some changes which we thought and felt that we just could not do them in our past.

Also, we are influenced for a long time by the powers Grand Trine and the Grand Square which meet at the North Node. We are going to experience the two of them in different measures undoubtedly.

Also, there will be an enormous choice in the configuration on those lines of growth and resistance.

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