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A Rare Astrological Alignment Has Been Taking Place January 17th-21st: All The Planets Go Direct

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by Conscious Reminder

Aren’t you fed up with retrograde planets and maleficent planetary aspects? A rare astrological event has been taking place between January 17th and January 21st that will make thing bearable, to say the least . 

We can finally take some deep breath as all the planets will be direct, with 5 of them residing in their ruling Star Sign.

It is popularly known as APDM, which stands short for “All Planets in Direct Motion”, a phrase coined by Stephanie “Wave” Forest who was the first to write about this rare planetary motion.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the moment when all planets are direct and balanced and harmonious is an incredibly rare event — and this time, it’s lasting for a whole month. Astrologers believe that this is the best time to take a leap of faith and use the potent energies for pursuing and fulfilling your dreams.

It is a time when the Earth’s perspective momentarily becomes like the Sun’s. The vibrations of the solar system will be providing some of their strongest solar assistance for those prepared to take on new endeavors.

What does going direct mean?

When the planet is moving at its regular rotational speed and is the same as the earth, it is said to be in direct motion, or also kn own as prograde motion. So, this January, between 17th and 21st of the month, we witnessed all the planets going direct.

How to make APDM work in your favor?

The APDM period is quite favorable for doing whatever you put your mind into. If you want to start a new business, just go for it. If you want to work on improving you health and physical state, hit the gym, start running. If you want to go back to school, now is the time.

The cosmic energies are so strong and powerful that there is no limit to what can be your next undertake.

Their effects can be life changing for many of us. Even the bad thing that happen, they happen for our greatest good. Whatever “it” is it definitely started on January 1st, 2019, and for the lucky ones among us it’s been cooking since December of 2018.

Whatever “it” is has to be something that gives you hope for a better future defined by the past ending, especially a “past” that’s been draining you, worrying you and preventing you from moving forward with your life.

The Moon energies will be to the max, with the Full Moon being on the cusp. Out of all the planetary movements and events, the Leo Full Moon will be the one that will make you feel “it.”

Plus, the Leo Full Moon is also a Super Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse. What better way to start this new year than with some serious cosmic events to put us on the right track.

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