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5 Intelligent Ways To Handle A Highly Judgmental Person

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by Conscious Reminder

Every time we are in some kind of contact with people that are highly judgmental, we do our best in order to put ourselves in the shoes of those people and understand the reason for such behavior.

We all somehow believe that besides everything, every one of us is a good, loving and kind being, but as a result of the different challenges we face in life, we can become resentful and better.

And, after that occurs, we start projecting our suffering and pain in the form of blame, criticism, and judgment around us.

Here are the five ways which will help us deal with people who are highly judgmental:

1. We should not take everything personally.

When a person that we know judges us harshly, we should know that this probably happens as that person judges himself or herself harshly. They will speak to us just like they do to themselves. We should not take everything too personally.

We should not make the negativity of these people our own. We should not let the toxic words they say go to our heart. And, we should not poison ourselves with the things which are not related to us and who we are.

2. We should look beyond every appearance.

We have to learn how to actually look beyond every appearance, in order to see or hear what the soul, and not the ego of a person, wants us to see or hear.

We should look beyond the appearances, and behind the toxic and harsh words, and then see whether we may find the place within the person where beauty, kindness, and love reside.

We should look carefully for good things in him or her, and with doing that we should believe that we are going to help them to bring their good out.

3. We should embrace compassionate attitudes.

When people feel down, lost, disconnected, and unhappy, they start projecting their darkness onto those people with whom they interact, and that is when they begin judging everyone around them.

Being unhappy with ourselves will make us start judging, criticizing, and blaming those people around us.

We should treat everyone around us with love, compassion, and respect, including the ones that criticize and judge us harshly.

4. We should look for lessons.

Every person with who we are in contact has a lesson to teach us. There will be lessons for us to learn; however, there will be lessons to teach too.

We should get a habit of looking for meanings behind every single interaction or experience that life sends our way.

We should look for lessons, and meanings, and we should be willing to utilize every experience and interaction to become much better and not much bitter human.

5. This world is our mirror.

One day, we will realize that every time we lose our control over our thoughts, and every time our thinking is not that uplifting and positive, that is when the things will start going wrong in our world. And, that is when we will encounter people who are judging not just the ones around them but judge us too.

We know that like attracts like. So, if there is darkness within, it means that there is going to be darkness without. This world is the mirror which reflects back everything that is already within a person.

When someone around us is filled with toxicity and negativity, we should start purifying our thoughts and also cleansing our inner world. Purifying our inner world will also purify our outside world, just like all of our interactions too.

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