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Stop Compromising For Others And Embrace Your True Self

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Have you been compromising on your own needs and desires to make others happy? Does their happiness always take precedence for you? STOP.

Stop making sacrifices for people who won’t return the favors. Chances are, all the energy and time you waste to make the people around you happy and comfortable are just going down the drain.

Anyone ever made you feel insignificant? Anyone said you are not worth it? Anyone ever said your wishes don’t matter? Take it from a stranger on the internet, YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE.

Unknown to you, there are so many people who aspire to be like you. Work as hard as you do, be as honest as you are, be as loving and warm as you are. Just because one or two people were monstrous enough to invalidate you doesn’t mean they define your whole being.

Each of your achievements, small or big, is worth celebrating. You don’t need to shrink yourself to accommodate unworthy people. Head to the spotlight and claim your worth.

You have to have faith in yourself. Even if it feels awkward at first, you will have to learn to be courageous and ask for what you deserve.

Don’t pay heed to the criticisms of those who have no idea what you go through daily. Let them say what they want. Concentrate on improving yourself. Concentrate on loving yourself.

When you lose faith in yourself, remember the people who look up to you. Don’t let these loving people lose faith in themselves as well. When someone hurls negative words at you, learn to ignore. They cannot chain you down.

You must rise above the hate, ignore the noise, and do what you do best. Empty vessels make this noise. Because they recognize your true potential. You too must recognize your own worth. Their negativity will have no power over you if you choose so.

You can want more for your own self, you can look forward to happier days, you can take time off to love yourself.

Choose yourself, work on improving yourself, but only because you want to do so. Not because someone else told you to. Let go of the critics, embrace the ones who truly love you. Stand up for your own beliefs and for others.

Be vulnerable, be kind, be helpful. You can always help others with the wisdom and knowledge you have gained through your own experiences.

The day is for you to seize. Make the most of it. Don’t shrink yourself just to accommodate a few unworthy, hateful people. Make space for the ones rooting for you.

The Universe is always looking out for you. Love yourself and love the ones who deserve your precious love. Shine on you crazy diamond!

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