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Tonight’s Powerful New Moon Activates A Supercharged Aquarius Stellium

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by Conscious Reminder

A Stellium refers to a whole line up of the planetary bodies within one sole zodiac sign.

During this period of the New Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and the Sun will be present in Aquarius. This cosmic alignment will create an amplified energy field.

We are already aware that the energy of Aquarius is revolutionary, awakening, innovative, and expansive. This accompanies new ideas, ambitions, and an opportunity to see ourselves in renewed ways.

With the strong pull of the planetary bodies towards one zodiac sign, we will be able to observe growing or changing perspectives. What we opt to concentrate on grows and the New Moon of February will be supercharged with new energy.

The Aquarian energy will allow us to channel our inner strength on things we are passionate about and our inner calling. This vibe enables us to fully utilize the time for work. So we must connect with the Universe inside ourselves and discover our emotions and feelings.

The strong gust of winds from Aquarius Stellium will be at once activated by this New Moon in February and there are bound to be massive changes on a worldwide level as well. The final time when we had such powerful Aquarian energy was in the 1960s which was a long time ago. That had coincided with a very bohemian cultural movement that proved to be revolutionary. Every aspect of that counterculture movement represented a stand for equality, community, and peace that is intricately related to Aquarian energy.

Along with this lunation span. We might see new seeds of revolution being implanted in humanity and might blossom within the forthcoming time and bring huge shifts on a global platform.

New Moon & Great Conjunction Ushers Massive Shifts

The February 2021 New Moon of Aquarius will activate the Great Conjunction which took place in December 2020 at the time of Winter Solstice.

The energy during this period of time is of ‘new Earth’ awakening. The new Earth is configured with larger vibrational energies as well as changes from the density and constraints of this ongoing reality.

The New Moon has opened doors to great potential and we can now begin to paint a better future for ourselves. By using the energy we can raise the vibration and bring about wellbeing on a larger level. We can send out love to heal the whole world which is much required at this moment.

Focus on your inner flame and shine brightly to inspire others caught in a mesh of troubles. Use your healing powers to nourish and bless every person near and far from you.

The world is in need of inspiration and motivation that can get them past this difficult phase. A change in consciousness is taking place gradually. Nonetheless, the change will definitely take place and we must grab this chance to ride with this new wave.

The New Moon is accompanied by a reminder that humans are also the co-creators of this world we are inhabiting. This might trigger tension on a personal and collective level. Wait for this tense fog to lift and allow the energy of the New Moon to combine and overpower the negativity.

The New Moon phase is ideal to start a new chapter and try new things and achieve new goals. In addition, you can start self-care practices. Also, don’t forget to forgive the ones who made mistakes in the past and give them a second chance. Try to connect on an intimate level.

Keep your character strong and stay humble while you float in the air of Aquarius. Indulge in small changes that will direct towards a positive path in life.

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