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Scorpio New Moon Is Almost Here And It Will Be A Shocking And Unpredictable Event

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by Conscious Reminder

A New Moon is in the works and all set for 27th October in the sign of Scorpio.

This Moon will be erratic, shocking, and absolutely unpredictable. We all have been restless recently and it will only keep increasing as the New Moon nears.

The Moon will be at 4°Scorpio, and it will be in opposition to Uranus. Uranus will be joining a star that focuses on spontaneity and portends fire, accidents, and other destructions.

So, it is best to approach this New Moon with great patience, flexibility, and caution. There will be sudden changes and we have to adapt to them.

The Sun will be in conjunction with the Moon giving it a burst of energy as the new cycle begins. We all can utilize this energy to start new things. Get rid of old habits and find new ways to move ahead. Start the project you have been delaying all this while.

October Astrology

New Moon in opposition to Uranus means impatience, anxiety, accidents, and mistakes for us. We will be feeling impulsive and rebellious while unexpected situations will leave us on the edge.

No matter how we react, it will lead to mistakes and accidents. If you are among the ones who can easily adapt to changes, someone near you will turn provocative and unreliable. You could also see someone new entering your life only to abruptly create chaos and leave.

Those in a relationship will be seeking independence. Be careful that such yearnings don’t create distance between you two. Uranus will be prompting us to act in accordance with our egos and be selfish but remember to use your judgment.

The Stars

This Scorpio Moon will be in conjunct with fixed star Syrma which is a reminder for us to ask for forgiveness for our mistakes. You may be thinking that you’re spiritually more evolved than the other person but it is important to apologize nonetheless when you make a mistake.

Uranus will be in conjunction with the fixed star Sheratan which is known to cause bodily injuries and destruction by war, earthquake, and fire. These two will join their powers to try and influence us to act impulsively and foolishly. Don’t give in – it can only bring chaos and destruction. Stay alert.

The Horn, the first Chinese Lunar Mansion is also on the day of the New Moon. It is lucky if you want to buy land or start construction. Since it represents birth and growth, marriages on this day will lead to prosperity. But those who plan funerals on that day will have to deal with great calamities for the next 3 years.


In conclusion, stay alert during this Scorpio New Moon. This potent Moon will have a great impact on everyone, and most of it will be negative.

Freak accidents, sudden shocks, unexpected encounters- expect them all. If someone seems too irritated or impatient and crazy, try not to agitate them further.

Uranus and Sheratan are both to be wary of. This conjunction can be dealt with if only we are patient and thoughtful. No impulsive decisions for the next four weeks!

Scorpio Moon effects will linger till the next New Moon on 26th November. Think everything through and delay all decisions.

If you make a mistake, which is very likely during this phase, be prompt with your apology.

Those who plan on launching new projects better do it when the Moon is waxing between 27th October and 12th November.

This Scorpio New Moon is here to shock us and all we can do is hold on tight till the next New Moon in November. Best of luck.

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