October Is Ending With A Bang: Powerful Scorpio New Moon & Mercury Retrograde Are Here To Shake Us Up

by Conscious Reminder

A New Moon in Scorpio is approaching us on 27th October and it will bring cosmic changes for us all. Situated in a watery sign, this Moon will affect the flow of our lives.

Archangel Asariel has control over the earthly waters and the life that it sustains. He is believed to guide our spirits. Asariel and the Moon both watch over our emotions and encourage creativity. They send their teachings via dreams and intuition.

This patron angel of waters can be our best ally when we want to uncover the truth.  He also protects us when we perform rituals to contact the deceased. This period seems all the more important for it.

As All Hallows’ Eve is just a week away, the veil between our world and theirs will be thinning now. It will be easier to communicate with those in the other realm, but remember, Asariel when you do so.

He will protect you from the evil illusions of the other realm. You can always rely upon Asariel to guide and protect you in such situations.

This Scorpio New Moon guides us to the land of Death. The Light will return with the Winter Solstice but till then, the darkness will be growing deeper and darker as the death of the year now begins.

Most cultures throughout the world think of Death as something unwelcome and terrible. But the native tribes know that Death and Life are the two faces of the same coin. Death is not permanent; it will lead to rebirth.

The holy season of Death is now upon us and we must respect the cycle of Life and Death. Death is not limited to our physical bodies. Death can mean just letting go of all toxic things in and around our lives. Fears, betrayals, addictions- let them all go.

The New Moon’s light will help you cleanse off the negative emotions that hold you back. When you shun the negative, the positive will come rushing. When you stop fearing change and death, the possibility of a new life will be visible to you.

The Scorpio Moon will shower us all with faith and optimism. Focus on your spirituality and you will be guided to positivity. The Moon will test our trust.

We must not lose faith in the powers that be and the Moon will surely carry us through the murky waters. Listen to your spirit guides and angels – they will give you strength in your moments of doubt.

Apart from the Scorpio New Moon, we also have the Mercury Retrograde to deal with soon. Mercury changes motion on 31st October – yes, Halloween is there too! The overcautious won’t even think about venturing out this day and we can’t really blame them.

The cosmic soup will be rather hot. Demonic forces will be active during the days leading up to the big event but you can always ask for protection from Archangels Asariel and Michael. Hold on to your nerves and don’t let the cosmos get the better of you.

When we learn to connect with the energies of Nature and the Cosmos, we fine-tune our inner sacred nature. We must now harness the Scorpio Moon’s energy to look inwards. We have to find ways to live a life that is not only peaceful and happy but also connected to the Cosmos.

This Scorpio Moon is a great time to initiate new beginnings. Sow the seeds of what you want next in your life. Think of a wish, a vow, or an intention. You will see how the Moon will work on your wish as it grows and things will be fulfilled when the Moon cycle returns to New again.

Have a safe Scorpio New Moon and don’t forget Archangel Asariel!

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