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How Venus Retrograde Will Influence Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

We might be saying bye-bye to 2021 soon, but, there are still some planetary antics to take place before the year ends.

One of them is the Venus retrograde starting from December 19th. It will push us to focus a lot more and think about what is truly valuable for us.

The backspin will last for 6 weeks and end on January 29th. You can think of it as a cosmic reality check for our finances and love life.

Here is how the different zodiac signs will fare during this period.


Love is only one of the major themes during this retrograde. However, money will be the theme you will be experiencing more. Be ready to prove your worth as previous discussions about your salary might resurface.


It will be important for you to rethink everything that is meant to give you pleasure, starting with your relationships. Remember that other options are available, so don’t let yourself get trapped in one small corner.


This retrograde will be giving you a lesson in boundaries. Evaluate the things that you are putting the most of your energy into, and if they are actually beneficial. Near the end of this retrograde, you will know the things that need keeping.


Seriously assess your relationships during this retrograde. Be careful of old skeletons or resentments surfacing. You might need to have honest conversations and solve the issues as the relationship dynamics need a real look.


This retrograde will be a great chance to slow the pace of everyday life and enjoy the finer things. Have a fresh perspective towards life and look for tiny but meaningful methods that can make your daily grind more valuable.


Get ready for some significant changes when it comes to your romance life. Your tastes might be changing but it is good and normal for passions to evolve after some time. Look at past emotional exploits and connections to realize the things that really ignite your passion.


The retrograde might leave you feeling slowed down. Use this period of introspection to connect with elements that ensure safety, stability, and emotional security when it comes to relationships. So be clear about what breaks the deal for you.


This retrograde will ask you to look back at previous flings and rethink how relationships work. Reconnection with a former lover is possible right now. Albeit this is not a good time for serious commitments, try to have as many honest conversations as you can.


The focus of this retrograde will be figuring out the things that are truly worth your resources, money, and time. Spend time reconnecting with your self-worth and get clarity on the investments and relationships that truly matter.


This period may find you rethinking your image as well as trying out new things. Your sense of style and self is evolving so your closet can do with a refurbishment. Be it your sweater, partner, or your job, it will be important to make sure their energy reflects yours.


This planetary moment will ask you to think about what carries spiritual value in your partnerships and life. A bit of alone time can be very beneficial for getting a new perspective on partnerships. So take this chance and introspect on the fantasies and fears bubbling up.


This retrograde, you will be learning about the meaning of community from a fresh viewpoint. Your social life’s dynamics might be shifting and you might have second thoughts about your present group of friends. You do not have to hold back from meeting other people, and going to other places in search for a better belonging. 

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