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Shine Bright With The Fire Of Leo Full Moon This February 8th/9th

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by Conscious Reminder

February 8th-9th 2020 is all set to host the first Full Moon of the month and it will be rising in the fiery sign of Leo.

Depending on your time zone, the Full Moon could also be on the 9th for you but the effects will be the same for us all. The energy of the Full Moon will further ignite the fire we carry within and guide us to follow our hearts.

The Sun is the ruler of Leo and when the Full Moon rises in the sign of the Sun, we will witness some special energies. With the Moon being in Leo, we will experience the warmth of light shining upon the darker parts of our lives.

Being a fire sign, Leo is a reminder for us to connect with the things that make us feel lighter. It is also a reminder that we must not let the fire within us diminish and that our life is more about experiences than taking control of everything.

This Moon will ask us what sets our soul on fire and what brings us the sense of purpose to keep us moving through life. These questions are meant to guide us.

The answers will tell us to let go of all that keeps us from internal peace. We will move towards the things we truly enjoy doing as we attempt to answer such queries.

The February Full Moon will also be aligning with Mars. Known for its motivational powers, Mars will now strengthen and motivate us as well. When the powers of Mars and Leo combine under the light of the Full Moon, we will realize that we have a motivational power around us.

As we move ahead, taking up challenges, these two will make sure we do not lack motivation or inner strength. Mars will make us push past all our fears. As we break out of our boundaries, we will be fanning our inner fire.

Full Moons are portals for us to release all that is bogging us down. If you have past fears or painful memories that have been restricting you, take some time during this Moon to let go of them all. When we tune in with the vibes of the Moon, it will provide us the strength to let go of those pains.

Speaking of the past, this Leo Full Moon is also associated with August 2019. Each year in the eight month, the Lionsgate Portal is activated which takes place when we are in the zodiac of Leo.

Back then the Sun was in Leo and now the Moon is in Leo so we will be revisiting themes from that time. We can also be lucky to reap the benefits of the work we had put in during the last Lionsgate. Full Moons are culmination points in our lives and now the link with the Lionsgate Portal only aids that.

The Leo Moon will be giving us the much-needed boost of self-confidence to speak our minds. If you have been holding back certain thoughts or ideas, this is the time to speak out. The energy of the Moon is there for us but we must use it actively.

Let the Moon guide you as it ignites your heart. You will have the strength to pursue your deepest desires. Don’t think of the consequences when you move ahead. You have the freedom now to try whatever you want. Even when you fail, remember that you will always have the memories and the experience. Even when you feel exposed and vulnerable, do not back down. Only when you push through your fears can you learn and grow.

This weekend, as the Moon rises, learn to stand in your power. Connect with your higher self and listen to your highest calling. Let your inner Sun guide you towards your true self. Instead of any rituals, this Full Moon try setting intentions for the coming weeks. You can also resort to a Sanskrit Mantra which aptly describes this Moon: AHAM BRAHASMI. This Mantra means that the core of our being is our ultimate reality and that is something we can reflect on during this Full Moon.

Embrace the fire of the Sun and Leo and let the Full Moon guide you to your higher self!

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