Understanding Palmistry and What Your Hands Say About You


The study of palmistry was one of the highest-ranked forms of learning in ancient times. Its teachings have been seen in the Book of Job. However, this art is said to have been taught in Egypt and among the ancient Hindus.

It was then rebuilt in modern times by two Frenchmen named D’Arpentigny and Desbarolles into the form of palmistry as we all know it.

This form of fortune telling is a fine art that is seriously studied worldwide and continues to fascinate everyone who comes in its path.XfPeople everywhere continue to read their palms and believe that what they learn is true. Whether it is accurate or not we will never know.



Hands have long been defined by their sizes and shapes. Take a look at the following descriptions of what each represents.

  • Large hands – These show a sense of obedience, attention to detail, method, and order.
  • Small hands – These show an energetic person, an authority figure, or someone who understands government and the ability to rule. An executive power.
  • Medium-sized hands – These show well-roundedness. When a medium-sized hand’s fingers are just as long as the palm it represents a person who belongs with people who get on in business. A person who can do many things well but none exceedingly well.
  • Medium-Sized Hands with palms long in comparison with the length of the fingers – shows a person’s ability to make big plans accordingly and get a good grasp on things. However, shows a dislike of detail.
  • Hands with the fingers relatively much longer than the palm– known to be bad planners. Although they can’t plan well they are said to finish everything they do. These people will not overlook or neglect the slightest details.
  • Wide hands – someone who feels sympathy towards others and is kind. They are able to see the other side of things as well as their own point of view.
  • Narrow hands – critical and exacting by nature, these hands belong to those who see their own faults rather than their greatest qualities. It is said that these hands belong to bad husbands and wives.
  • Hands wide open with fingers well apart – someone who takes initiative and is courageous and original.
  • Hands with fingers close together – convention, a fear of consequences, and a cowardly nature.
  • White hands – this type of hand is said to show a selfish nature.
  • Red hands – passionate feelings interspersed with angry emotions and great bounds of energy.
  • Soft hands – this indicates someone who may exist with a marked ability, as well as someone who works best “in spasms.”
  • Very hard hands – A love of work and lots of energy. These people need to ask themselves what they truly want out of life and set a target to meet that goal.
  • Square hands – a sense of reason, accuracy, and good horse-sense.
  • Pointed hands – these show a person who has ideality and spirituality. A person with this type of hand is never wrong. Apparently.


The lines of the palm are divided up into 12 sections. However sometimes only a few are accounted for.

These 12 include:

  1. Life Line
  2. Head Line
  3. Heart Line
  4. Health Line
  5. Fate Line
  6. Fame Line
  7. Marriage Line
  8. Money Line
  9. Sex Line
  10. Spirit Line
  11. Travel Line
  12. Luck Line

Take a look at your own and see if you can match up your lines.

The Importance of Your Fingers in Palm Reading


The length and size of one’s fingers allows a palm reader to classify someone’s emotional and physical state and intellectual properties. These following facts are prominent in Palmistry and represent individual properties.

  • Those with fingers that are slim and quite long may have an aggressive side and emotional tendencies.
  • People who have rather heavy fingers tend to display their physical nature more.
  • Fingers that are short and thick mean the person is comfortable with their emotional state.
  • If an index finger is longer in length than usual, you may boss others about and lead the pack.
  • If an index finger is shorter in length than usual, you may take a back seat and allow others to control you.
  • When the ring finger is longer than usual there may be some artistic talents hidden in this person’s personality, such as a wild side or a reckless attitude.
  • If your little finger is shorter than normal, it shows that you lack the ability to influence others. If it is longer, then you tend to be very articulate and good at writing and selling.

Learning to understand your hands and what each individual line represents can take years of commitment and practice. Some have a natural gift for it, but before you want to tell people you can read their palm, you should learn to read and become accustomed to your own.

Right and Left Hand

For those who are right handed, the left hand will portray your potential and personality. Whereas the right hand will show you what has changed, what will become, and pretty much give you a little insight into your future. For those who are left handed, the opposite is true. The reader will usually begin by studying the dominant hand and build a framework of what they believe is the character and future life of this person.

By first figuring out the lines on your hands, you can start to learn what mirrors your personality and lifestyle. A bit of practice on this and also the length of the fingers will bring you more in-depth into the art of Palmistry. There are many Palmistry books that make it easy to learn the tricks of the trade. This is where beginners who wish to learn more about this field start out.

Shape of the Hand

Along with finger length, the shape of a hand can be split into categories. These are earth, water, air, and fire. You can learn about the qualities and what the shape of your hand means by choosing a palmistry teaching book.

However, not all palm readers or fortune tellers will use the shape of a hand in their practice. It is not as necessary or common, but some believe it to be. It will entirely depend on the reader’s culture and what method they use.

Criticism of Palmistry

Palmistry is not supported by everyone, and it gets a fair amount of criticism. As much as some truly believe in its truth, others believe Palmistry to be a trade for fake psychics.

There has not yet been any certified connection between the lines of the hand and an individual’s personality. Nonetheless, this practice continues to be very important to many people.

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