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Mother Nature And Psychic Symbols: Learn How To Identify Them

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by Conscious Reminder

There are so many ways in which Mother Nature amazes us. It constantly sends us signals to guide us which, can be greatly helpful, if you we are capable of understanding them appropriately.

They are always out there, one only needs to read them. Although spiritualists are the only ones who possess the gift of identifying all kinds of symbols and signals that are thrown at them by the nature, everyone can learn about the cryptic significances of these symbols.

No matter where we are, we keep coming across spiritual symbols that are meant to give an indication or an idea on what is about to happen. These signs are very powerful and important in one’s life as they are capable of helping us change the course of something unfortunate that is about to happen or even prepare us for it. However, sometimes they are just indicative of the beginning or completion of some work that we will be at.

The nature tries to communicate with us for so many reasons, apart from the ones mentioned above. Sometimes, the nature could just be delivering a message from a friend who is not with us anymore or has passed away. We all can try to learn these symbols for our own benefit. To start with, we need to start seeing beyond what just meets the eye, bring a different way of looking at thing in mind.

How would a Spiritual Symbol be?

Taking the first step towards knowing more about symbols, we should know that just like human beings are different from one another at so many levels and they are not unique by just a couple of differences. That said, there are some symbols which are absolute, just like how every human has a pair of eyes, a nose and so on.

On the other hand, some symbols are one-of-its-kinds, they only exist uniquely, again like, how no two faces are identical in appearance. Now while looking around carefully, we will observe that anything around us, like currency lying on the floor or a clover with four leaves or even coming across with a same number, etc.

How to identify the Spiritual Symbols?

One thing you can blindly rely upon is your intuition, if you intend to follow the nature’s language. Your intuition, your gut can help you to look beyond just the physical aspect of this world. If you are out looking for logic and scientific explanations, you won’t be able to grasp the signs and things would just be happening.

Another hindrance you should be doing away with is orthodox mentality because keeping the society and its norms in mind, you won’t be able to support, strengthen and empower your senses and ultimately lose confidence in your own psychic capabilities.

Now, let’s talk about some clear differentiating factors that set the presence of symbols apart from their absence. You can expect the psychic symbols to appear when you are:

– In the middle of processing an intense thought

– Reminiscing on the past moments

– Coming up with a solution

– Upset about something that matters to you

– Stuck in danger

Also, below are some explanations to these symbols

– Same number occurs repeatedly: things will get back to normal soon

– Currency: this signifies surplus cash flow in near future

– Quill: a go-ahead from the nature

– Clover of four leaves: your luck awaits you but you can’t see it yet

– Dark/white cat: unfamiliar/genuineness

– Odor or fragrance: a spirit trying to activate a bright corner of your mind

– Butterfly: start of something

– Tiger: great deal of aggression

There are so many more symbols which are endless and need to be studied further. Psychic symbols are a source of crucial warnings and lots of excitement.

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