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Let Go of Your Worries – Everything Goes According to Plan – The Master One

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By Conscious Reminder

Georgiy Nikolaevich Sytin, a Russian scientist, with a PhD in medicine, psychology, pedagogy and philosophy, has developed a technique on self-realization with the help of your own will and thoughts.

Healing, and later complete recovery are initiated by your thoughts and come from the inside (self-awareness or intention). If we do a research on how and why the healing happens, only god knows what results we’ll get and are we going to be able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle that human thoughts, intentions and the whole subconscious are. But what actually matters is that this method works. This should be enough of a proof for those who have doubts and even a bigger motivation to deal with the issue, especially if they need it.

When life makes you look for something else than what you have already been offered, because the patterns you have been given cannot provide the proper solutions, a completely new set of possibilities presents in front of you. One of those is the process of self-healing, formed and shaped by your own thoughts.

Sytin showed a special interest in the power of will. He has written many books full of expressions associated with the health of the organs that can aid the process of self-healing. With this method, even at such a late age, Sytin succeeded in slowing down his own biological clock and managed to stay young as long as possible, which makes him his best marketing solution. He uses special text to help people. Sytin is also famous for his Center in Moscow – named after him. Maybe is sound incredible, but his healing rate is 80%.

For those who are interested in this method and want to know more about Dr. Sytin’s books, feel free to Google his name, for everyone else… here are some very positive tips.

The following lines have proven life-changing. Try to introduce at least a few of them to your life and you’ll feel even better.

  1. Simplify your habits; throw out everything that complicates your life.
  2. Think of your favorite song and sing it several times a day.
  3. Move, take a walk every day.
  4. Try basic gymnastics – it’s good for your body.
  5. Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.
  6. Get rid of your negative thoughts, don’t fight them. Just let them go.
  7. Be moderate in everything you do. You must learn when it’s enough. Listen to yourself.
  8. Every morning, after you get up, look at the mirror, say hello and wish yourself all the best. You can do this at night as well.
  9. Mind your own business and don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Everything has its own course.
  10. Every time you find yourself around children, spend a little time with them playing and enjoy it.
  11. Don’t give advice if no one asked you to.
  12. Words are powerful! Think before you speak.
  13. Listen to the others, they probably have something important to say, something you need to hear.
  14. Make other people happier than they expect you to.
  15. Give without expecting anything in return. What’s yours will come.
  16. Worrying won’t solve anything. Just be aware that you were walking a path that needed to be corrected. Everything happens in accordance with the divine order.
  17. If you feel that you’ve made a mistake, try to correct it but don’t feel guilty about it. We’re only human.
  18. Always be ready for change, but be patient too.
  19. Virtues are priceless little treasures.
  20. If you earn a lot, be human and help someone. You’ll feel good about yourself and the other will be thankful about it.
  21. Take the opportunity to laugh whenever you can.
  22. Whenever you have the opportunity to help someone, do it without wondering will you get something in return. It is not up to you to expect. Just remember that what goes up must come down.
  23. Live an honest, honorable and productive life. The satisfaction usually comes later, at old age.
  24. When you feel bad, be patient and believe in a better tomorrow. And when you feel fine, share your joy with others and you’ll feel even better.

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