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5 Signs To Recognize An Out-Of-Body-Experience

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OBE or astral projection is the experience when our astral body, leaves the plane of our physical body.

The most common example is those few moments when people are said to have had a near-death experience, when they were medically dead for a few moments, before returning back to their physical bodies.

The experience is different for everyone, and many people don’t even remember it when they regain consciousness. You might have had an OBE yourself, for instance when you woke up with a jolt from your sleep.

When your spiritual self enters back in your physical body it is common to feel this jerk. Those who are highly spiritual might have the ability to do it consciously and retain the memory of their experience as well.

Here are a few physical signs which precede an astral projection which you can look out for.

1. If you are consciously trying to experience an OBE, and are concentrating on it hard enough, you will feel your body shaking. These vibrations are a sign that you are quite near your goal. It will start slowly at first and the intensity will gradually increase.

2. When you are near your goal of astral projection, you will also start hearing some noises out of nowhere. These are mostly buzzing sounds such as bees or birds chirping. Their intensity too will increase gradually.

3. Sometimes when your spiritual body is just preparing itself to detach from your physical body, you will go numb. In such moments you will experience sleep paralysis and will not be able to move your body at all. Don’t be scared of it at all, it will pass.

4. The best sign of astral projection is when you start seeing images which are not there. This is because your physical body is not able to see. These images will be a lot more clearer because it is your spirit that is seeing them.

5. When your spirit is trying to leave the physical plane, the gravity of the earth with even more force. This will make you feel very heavy. When your spirit is finally able to break free, you will feel lighter.

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