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Star Catcher: Astrology For The Week Of January 13, 2017

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Dreaming is good…but making your dreams come true is better.


It’s hard to find some quiet emotional space these days and even little things that you usually ignore begin to grate on your nerves. Take a step back and excuse yourself from the race for a few days. Once the pressure is off you will be able to see things far clearer and that is when you can take back all your responsibilities and commitments. Financially you continue working toward your ultimate goal and for the most part all is moving according to plan. HINT: A conversation with a water sign will help you to see things from a much different angle and the new perspective will renew your optimism


Just moving along isn’t your usual modus vivendi, but for the time while you examine what your next step on the professional ladder will be, you can’t really complain. Sometimes boring really is better. The time you spend with your partner or mate this week may not be exciting and fabulous, but it will be peaceful and gratifying which, in a way, is better. Financially you continue watching your bank balance as you meet your commitments while finding the cash for gifts and short trips here and there. HINT: An evening with an elderly member of your family is always a joy and pleasant for you both.


When in doubt trust your intuition and you will find that you are not only correct in your assessment of the situation but know which path is the right one for you to take. There are people who smile with their mouths, and others who avoid direct eye contact. You have neither the time nor the patience for either and as much as you dislike creating a scene, this time you need to do what is best for yourself and your family. HINT: Financially you are a little over extended due to the holidays, but are quickly getting back on track.


You may not be seeing things as clearly as usual and could even be putting your own twist to the story, so for now hold back. As the days progress you will have more information so keep an open mind and trust your judgement. Sensitive days expected the latter part of the week and wherever possible relegate and delegate. Nothing will happen if you take a back seat. HINT: Financially you are doing fine but still need to keep your eye out for any unusual or extraordinary expenses. At the end of the month it is you who will be paying off the credit card debt.


You enjoy entertaining at home and this week is no exception. Small dinner parties for close friends always brings out your culinary talents as well as allowing you to share your home for a few hours with important people in your life. Your partner or mate is always willing to pitch in and together you share and care. During the middle portion of this week you will feel a sure of creative energy and this is the time for working on a special project which demands precision and attention to detail. HINT: Colleagues from your past remain close and professionally you continue to make your mark.

MAY 21-JUNE 21

Professionally you have the feeling lately that you are not only losing track of your goals but that your path is changing. Take a step back and reconnoiter. Once you see what you have overlooked and only then should you make any final decisions. It won’t take you long and you will be happy that you were cautious. Financially you are always juggling money and this week is no exception. For the last half of the week try to work as a member of a team rather than try to do everything on your own. HINT: Check your appointment book so you don’t forget a birthday or anniversary coming up.


Finally you are ready to get back into the hectic life you enjoyed before the holidays and this is the time to seriously cut back on your spending and to begin a regimen of either paying close attention to your diet or beginning an exercise program.

Too much procrastination plus an overabundance of rich food have taken their toll. You can do it once you set your mind to it! HINT: An emphasis is felt right now between your desire to take care of personal business and the responsibility toward your partner or mate. An open discussion will help a great deal.


Time to get back in the limelight and as much as you enjoyed the quiet down time doing simple things which brought you a great deal of persona pleasure, reality calls! You have a great many friends who would love to spend more time with you but are simply overloaded professionally right now. Don’t agree to something you simply cannot do. Always honest this will be your best path as you reschedule or avoid making commitments you would rather avoid right now. HINT: Financially you need to continue watching your bank balance.


Lately you have become more flexible and those closest to you appreciate the reduction of stress whenever you enter a room. You have begun to take a closer look at some of your relationships and not all friendships will last the test of time as you see things much clearer now. Financially all is moving according to plan and no matter how much you have to dip into your savings, everything is under control. HINT: A conversation with your partner or mate will help you to see things from a different perspective once you decide to keep an open mind.


You are always ready to reach out and lend a helping hand and this week is no exception. Although you are not able to spend a great deal of money you do have broad shoulders and the time to listen, share and care. Professionally you continue to grow and expand and soon you will feel less stressed about money and finances. Your partner or mate is always ready to stand by you and take the time to brainstorm whenever necessary. HINT: Your relationship with a Sagittarius is much more interesting these days as you discover many things you have in common.


Fond memories from the past help you to get over a few rough spots this week as you spend some time with friends who shared a great deal with you a long time ago. ‘Remember when’ is always fun with old, dear friends but may leave an ache later. Financially you need to pay attention to any unnecessary spending this week in order to maintain your plan of lowering your debt. HINT: An interesting offer may come your way in the next few days but before you jump in, do a little more investigating. Your schedule is full as it is and getting involved may cost you more time and money than you are able to spend.


It has been a busy and rather stressful past few months and now you are ready to put all that aside and begin tying off loose threads, avoiding people who you really have no patience for and strengthening the connection you have with a handful of old friends. Financially things are calming down and you can begin to relax. You have learned a great deal and are ready to put your new knowledge into action. More than a few people are anxious to join you so choose wisely. HINT: Try to spend a little more time quietly at home relaxing with family and close, dear friends.

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