The Body SCREAMS What The Mouth Doesn’t Say: Cancer ‘Kills’ When You Get Tired Of Life

by Conscious Reminder

The body screams … what the mouth doesn’t say !!!

The cold makes us ‘leak’ when the body doesn’t cry.

Pain ‘clogs’ the throat when we can’t express the sorrow.

The stomach ‘burns’ when anger fails to come out.

Diabetes “attacks” when you feel lonely, deserted and forgotten.

The body gains weight when you are deeply dissatisfied.

Splitting headaches come together with growing doubts.

The heart gives in when you have exhausted the meaning of life.

The chest “tightens” when pride enslaves.

Blood pressure rises when fear takes you hostage.

Neurosis “paralyze” you when the inner child goes wild.

Fever “heats you up” when the defense explores the final frontier of your immunity.

Knees hurt when pride makes you inflexible.

Cancer “kills” when you get tired of life.

Diseases warn us when we have stepped off the right path!

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