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Expect An Emotional Outburst At The End Of July, The Lunar Eclipse Is Bringing Strong Shift Of Energies

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The month of July is in news all over the world for being an astronomical and astrological marvel.

The eclipses that would take place this month, along with the presence of the Blood Moon on 27th July, would be the highlights of several new columns, and several new pages on the net.

People are clamoring to understand the process of a Blood Moon, and what it entails to people all around.

The Blood Moon would bring in several new changes throughout the world, and human beings, would be better set, if they are aware of it before it affects them. It’s always precaution before mitigation.

The Blood Moon, and the presence of the eclipse draws its strength, among the Sun, and the Moon, the planet Mars.

Mars, being the Roman God of war, has always been prone to bursts of anger, and excitement that would turn into reckless anger, and a tenacity to throw caution to the winds.

While this reckless behavior might be of some use in some extremely rare situations, it needs to be known that the majority of it would be hazardous for the individual, and have the potential to spoil their life.

This doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to live your life the way you want it to. All it needs is being careful, and realizing that, life sometimes takes a turn towards uncharted territories, and that is when one has to be confident, and calm enough to pass through it.

This resilience comes from knowledge, knowledge that the eclipse this year would be a turning point in your life, when you would need to gather your wits and attempt at thinking before leaping, for the ides of Mars would increase the excitement you generate for every action.

This is where your knowledge comes into play. You are aware, at every step, what an eclipse could do to your life, and therefore you would make sure to carefully side step the crevices and pitfalls at your feet, and try to navigate through, safely, using your knowledge of the eclipse as an oar.

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