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The Past Is Gone, The Future Is Yet To Come. Live Now!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As you move to the future, do you often feel lost? The past may seem like the best place to stay in. It is a place you know; a place you can deal with it.

You have already experienced it. And however bad it might have been, it’s not uncertain. The future – well, it looks like a dark hole where you are being thrown into.

There can be pillows at the bottom or there could be concrete – you don’t know. Even worse, there could be more darkness and more falling – forever.

But it’s inevitable. The future will always be ahead of you and you will always move towards it. So, the best route for you is to give up your attachment to the past. The past is over – it is no longer there, except in your memory.

You cannot live in the past anymore. You may have loved it and may have grown fond of it. You have attached yourself to it so much that you are having doubts of letting it go. But it won’t come back – however much you long for it. You have to do the hard thing here – let go.

It will take time, that’s true. You have to be a bit patient. Try to get out – try to move forward. You will eventually be able to do so.

You can always look for comfort in the past. Of course, memories can be used to calm yourself, to make you feel proud of a time when you did something great. But don’t get stuck in it. Learn from the lessons and start moving forward. The past is not our present – no more.

Accept that life has to move on. Accept that the past has gone and the present has come in its place. The present will go away too and the future will be the only thing you will be moving towards. It’s inevitable. You just have to gather the strength of your past learnings and move forward to get to the future.

Be grateful of the now. Be grateful of what you have in the present. Especially the simple things. We are always aiming for such huge achievements that we forget to be grateful for simple things – like the cold breeze on a hot summer day or the first touch of rain. Be inspired in your self and start inspiring other people too.

The future is not always grim – there are thousands of possibilities. You just have to look at it with your eyes open wide.

Be excited of the future. Know that it is there for you to shape yourself – shape who you are. You will have to believe that you can take the future and make yourself better using it. It’s not easy – but shaping yourself was never easy. Believe in the visions that you have. Even if you are not clear on what you want to do, trust that you will find a way. Be prepared for it.

Someday, you will feel the motivation, the light of inspiration inside you. And then, you will pack your bags and end up in the place you always wanted to be in.

Maybe on the Paris streets. Or leaning on a Venetian veranda. Perhaps you will be basking under the glory of the Sistine Chapel.

Believe in your dreams. Believe in the future. Let your heart be filled with positivity of it.

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