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Know Your Karmic Debt Number With Numerology

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Numerology, as the name implies is the basic universal language of numbers. We can uncover information about the whole universe, as well as every individual by breaking down the patterns of the universe into numbers.

As a matter of fact, you can discover your karmic debt numbers using numerology.

The Truth about Karmic debt numbers

Karmic debt exists on the soul level and is inherited from past lives. It has a lot to do with your actions and reparations for them. In numerology, everyone has a karmic debt number which can be determined by your birth name, using a simple calculation. Since the numbers are in a single digit, let us discover what some numbers mean.

How to calculate your karmic debt number

Let us take a look at how you can calculate your karmic debt number is with a few simple steps. To begin, you have to add up the values of the letters of your full birth name using the table below.Let’s take a quick example to see how this works. If your full birth name, for instance, is Mary Jane Castor, the values will be;

4+1+9+7+1+1+5+5+3+1+1+6+9 = 53

Next, you will reduce the value to a single digit;

5+3 = 8

So, in the example above, Mary has a karmic debt number of 8.

Karmic Debt Numbers

Number 1

Indicates that your soul was not nurtured in your previous life and you need to learn that you are important and need to stand up for yourself.

Number 2

Indicates materialism in the past life and you are back to give up material things and rather find satisfaction and purpose in the things you do.

Number 3

Indicates lack of comfort or security in previous life and you have come to learn to raise your voice and confidence.

Number 4

Signifies a gap or lack of safety in your home and family life and you now need to learn the value of family and the importance of supporting people around you.

Number 5

Is an indication that you craved physical in the past and now you have to learn how to respect others and create healthy boundaries in your relationship.

Number 6

Denotes a past life where you neglected your health, and you have come to learn that your emotions are essential for your physical health.

Number 7

Indicates that you made selfish decisions in the past and struggled to have compassion for others. In this life, you have come learn to walk in other people shoes and learn to be compassionate.

Number 8

Is an indication that you failed to live life to its fullest in your previous life and this time, you have returned to learn how to take full responsibility for your actions.

Number 9

Shows that you viewed the world as a horrible place and you found it difficult to stay positive. Now, you have returned to turn from the negative and begin making positive changes in your life.

What does your karmic debt number say about you?

A lot of people believe karmic debt is an accumulation of the evil things you may have done in your previous lifetime, but that is not the case. Before we go any further, let us clear the air on this subject. It is true that your karmic debt is inherited from your past life so, it is centred on your life’s lessons and basically what you need to do to achieve a higher level of consciousness or awareness. So, karmic debts are not in any way a form of punishment or victimisation, rather, it is a time for renewal and re-development.

Karmic debts may be quite complicated, but some of them are plain simple. Your date of birth, for instance, identifies if there are any karmic debts present. However, you should note that your karmic debt number gives a significant clue as to what your past behaviour was and also help to understand what kind of behaviours you are making amends for in this lifetime.

Influential Karmic debt numbers

Four (4) karmic debts can be seen in a birth date, they are 13, 14, 16 and 19. These numbers are said to be the key karmic debt numbers. This means that if you were born on either of these dates, you are here to make amends. Number 13, for instance, signifies a past life of laziness and negativity, 14-misuse of freedom, 16-Love affairs and ego inflation, and 19-selfishness and misuse of power.


Learning about your karmic debt numbers in your numerology chart will help develop self-awareness with better clarity and a good understanding of how to cope with your daily life challenges. Once your debt number is controlled and balanced, your soul elevation and growth can be fully attained.

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