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6 Qualities Of A True Spiritual Master

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual Masters are those enlightened individuals who have successfully managed to free themselves from all worldly and materialistic desires.

They are the ‘Gurus’, who have the ability to guide you through your tough times with the sheer power of their wisdom and knowledge. They are the beacons of hope in your dark dreary life that can turn your life around for the better by showing you the way.

Don’t assume that these masters are very old, frail men. Spiritual enrichment can be attained at any age and so all you need to do is believe in their power.

To identify a true Spiritual Master, you have to look for these 6 traits:

1. They are free from attachments

A Spiritual Guru knows how fleeting and momentary worldly attachments are. They only keep you tied down and make you delusional. He only concentrates on the betterment of his heart and soul, takes care of his being.

2. They feel deep connection with nature

They have deep respect for their environment and surroundings and are well aware of its importance in our lives. They are a part of the Creation and so feel one with it. They appreciate Nature’s beautiful and harmonious existence.

3. They are not judgmental 

They think it’s wrong to criticize others without knowing their story. They have faith in humans to change their ways and be better. They would never judge you for our preferences.

4. To them, teaching comes naturally

Having so much intellectual and spiritual depth, they are automatically wonderful teachers. They can simplify the most complicated concepts of life for you to understand without effort. They have the ability to leave a profound impression on you with their words.

5. They are highly sensitive but non-reactive

Spiritual Masters know that although being empathetic and feeling for others is necessary and very important human traits but it does no good to let those emotions control your actions. It only creates complications for all.

6. They stand for everything that unconditional love is

Spiritual Gurus have mastered the art of loving all beings on this planet. Every single is important in their eyes and deserve equal love and respect.

Unlike us average human beings, who often nurse hatred and grudges against others, spiritual masters have moved beyond such petty behaviors and instead spread the message of love to all.

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