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If You Experience ANY Of These 3 Signs After Meeting Someone, You’ve Known Them In A Past Life

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Our souls live on forever. They exist beyond space and time and interacts with others souls. Even though we do not remember who we were in our past life and what we lived through, the soul has the ability to store some information in our unconscious part of the mind.

As said before, most of us do not remember the memories from our previous lives, but there are some expectations. There have been stories and documentaries made about people (and small kids), who can describe a house or a place in detail, but have never ever actually been there. This shows that they remember some of their memories from the past lives.

Although the memories of the past lives are hidden away in the unconsciousness, some places, situations or souls can trigger them to make you remember a glimpse of it. So if you feel any of these 3 reactions, when meeting someone new, their soul probably is not new to you:


This feeling can be quite confusing, because you think you do not know this person. But suddenly you feel a powerful connection or a feeling. This can mean they once were very close to you – maybe your family members, friends or even lovers.

If you feel immediately sad or angry, this might mean that their souls have hurt yours in some way and this new meeting is supposed to give peace to you both.


This can be even more confusing and having a telepathic connection does not mean talking to each other only with your thoughts. It means that you just want to say something and they say it exactly in the same time. Or you think about them and suddenly you receive a text message.

This connection is hard to explain logically, but it cannot be dismissed also. Your souls feel comfortable and safe around each other, because probably you have shared some intimate memories and got to know each other well.


Their eyes are almost hypnotizing and feel so so familiar to you – like you have looked into them a million times before. There is a saying that eyes are the mirrors of the soul and some people believe that soul carries the eyes with them when entering different bodies. Every person has unique iris patterns in their eyes and that’s why when you meet someone familiar, you just know.

Nobody is born as a blank page, because our spirits have the information from the previous lives. That’s necessary for the souls to grow and evolve.

But this also means that we all might have some unresolved issues or bad karma following us from the past. If you think that life throws good and bad things to your way without any reason, you might be wrong.

It may be a punishment or a praise for things your soul did before.

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