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Be Careful With Who You Are Letting In Your Personal Space

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When you interact with someone, you modulate to each other. For several moments, you literally change, becoming the vision of the mix. You empathize and offer, and also receive your energetic qualities.

Your own energetic space measures about 25 to 30, or more and fewer feet wide. You breathe this same air, and you are more connected with one another than you can realize. In that way, you mix energies too. This is the attribute of you all as the Divine Individuals.

You should observe how to return to your pure state after you are done with the interaction. And, it is there where you will notice some differences, and energies you kept from this interaction.

Entertaining your guests in the house will make you kind and gracious, while your guests will behave accordingly. However, what will happen when there are unruly guests in your energy? Are you going to permit them to break your china and mess the entire place, ruin the space’s air, and disrespect your space or simply you?

Sometimes, unluckily, we let them do that. Most of the time, we do that feeling afraid of being abandoned, criticized, or rejected, and you compromise your purest and sweetest inner innocence, together with your personal and safe space.

In such situations, you have to set your limits, and boundaries, towards those naughty visitors. It will not mean that you do not like or love those people. It will mean that you love yourself first.

You influence others with your light if you maintain it; however, you cannot decide that other people should change. When you are affected, you aren’t overpowered by the energy of others.

Instead, you buy into that energy. You unconsciously or consciously modulate yourself to ideas which are presented to you. And, most of the time, those ideas are abusive to your truth and heart.

So, what are you supposed to do? You should become used to manifesting and feeling love only for you so that you instinctively and immediately recognize when other people assert their negative energies on you.

After that, step away, as graciously as possible. You will always have the ability to return for more interactions.

You should keep those interactions short and true, in and also out unless others understand that, after all, you respect your own self, and that you are going to take nothing else but respect and love from them.

In fact, this isn’t other people’s judgment. It is just a choice only for yourself, and it is actually your right to keep your integrity too.

When this happens again, you should test-drive the principles. You should also hold your own ground. Some people could increase the demands they have on you; however, one day they will understand that you take care only of yourself. Deep inside, they want the same for themselves as well.

Love is going to expand, and interactions are going to be felt by heart in this way, and people will be more confident when it comes to sharing the best part of their souls more openly.

Step by step, they are all going to sway by love’s sweet melody.

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