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How To Cleanse Your Aura And Chakras

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During the day, we collect and store so much energetic waste which is a product of our and other people’s used mental or physical energy.Also, there are Various emotional states and astral resedues which, like dark spots remain glued to our aura, making it dark and dirty. Therefore, we become negative, moody, depressed, sick, tired and sleepy, we have insomnia, etc.. Chronic fatigue is a sure sign that we are full of energetic and psychological garbage, and it’s time for cleaning.

We bring that negative charge into our living and workung areas and they slowly become lifeless. Let’s imagine that we are a room that we paint, clean and maintain from the outside, but on the inside it looks abandoned, dusty and stale.

How to clean your aura and chakras

Aura and chakra cleanse is recommended daily and it is a very simple and quick process.

1. Visualize a bright light in the form of an egg around your entire body. Then turn up the brightness to the maximum brilliance and spread the egg to some 1.5 m around your physical body. Stay like that for a few minutes and breathe the light in, feeling it filling your entire body.

2. The next step is to visualize how your chakras, like a fan,  sucks in the light that opens and purifies them. Then imagine inhaling waterfalls of light in pastel red, orange, yellow, emerald-green, pale blue and purple colour.

3. Feel your aura shine.

Our auras can have holes in them as a result of a variety of physical or psychological traumas, even dating back in our childhood. Any further negative thoughts, or blocked and unexpressed emotions will make your sura dirty, which directly affects our energetic potential.  This is why we have to take into account that changing our mindset will protect our aura, and a healthy and clean aura will guide us to adopting healthy and positive attitudes.

The purity of our aura is heavily influenced by physical activity, spending time outdoors, clear and fresh water, yoga and meditation, self-love, listening to the harmonic tones, colors, sunlight, etc..

In addition to the energetic cleansing of the aura, we occasionally need to clean the space we live in. The best way to do it is to use a solution of water and sea salt, and clean all surfaces, including furniture and floors. We should also open the doors and windows and let freash air get in and open all the faucets in the house so the water can take all the negative energy down the drain. What also helps a lot is a regular cleaning of the drains in the kitchen and the bathroom  the greatest concentration of blovked and negative energy in the home is created. Furthermore, using aromatic oils and burning incense sticks cleans the energy in the room, as well as using fountains, crystals, light, candles, fresh flowers, sunlight and sounds.

Another good way to get rid of the negative energy in your home, is to throw away all unnecessary and damaged items. This will create enough room for new energy to come in and and take off the burden of our past.

Our home is a reflection of our inner state. If there is anything jammed, broken or negative in our home, it is a reflection of our psychological and emotional energetic flows.

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