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Energetic Overwhelm – The Era Of The Heart Center

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Wow – once again we feel a strong overwhelm of energies. It can get quite emotional in between, followed by huge fatigue and physical ailments. Yet, these energies feel much softer, than those related to solar flares or geomagnetic storms.

We have troubles to see and feel what is real. Troubles to sleep although very tired, troubles to think, to plan and to take decisions. It is common to trip, bump into people or objects and feel out of balance, losing orientation. We often crave food that does not seem to exist. Welcome to the Era of the Heart Center and completely new energy waves coming in with it, that we have not experienced before.

On May 24, we have entered a new era – a new cycle of 26000 years. The cycle of the heart center. And oh wow, can we feel the energies shifting. The mind just often refuses to work and has difficulties to express what is going on. Memories are fading away and linear time seems to dissolve. Nothing seems real anymore as we move from moment to moment. We feel that we have lost our talents and gifts and that our intuition is not working as it used to. And we are very tired. Our system is completely overwhelmed with all these new energies, light codes and data coming in that needs to be processed. Just know that this is normal as we get accustomed to shifting completely into a heart centered living. Find your me-time and space. Connect to nature and like-hearted people.

“The brave first movers and carriers of the Divine Feminine codes are now fully anchoring in self-love and their power.”

The brave first movers and carriers of the Divine Feminine codes are now fully anchoring in self-love and their power. The last bits of doubt and fear are washed away and shown to her one more time. And all that says is: Time to let go. Let go of the past. Let go of what kept her busy and from moving fully into the fifth dimensional frequencies and reality. Once this shift happened, she is no longer afraid to share her truth and vulnerability with the world. She follows her heart and creates what she loves. She lives her life as she always wanted and is focusing on herself. She now is inspiring others to find their way into the fifth dimension, too. She no longer feels attached or obliged. She has now learned to set her energetic boundaries and is no longer compromising herself, no longer trying to be someone she is not just to fulfil an expectation. Instead, she is now showing her full authenticity and is speaking her truth. She is now sharing herself openly with the world and everyone who is ready to receive her wisdom and unconditional love. She is no longer is afraid of being alone or of losing people that are dear to her.

“She knows that she needs to let go once again to enable the Divine Masculine to now find into his own power and true strength, by discovering his own vulnerability and ability to feel and transform.”

Because she now knows that what belongs to her and is meant to stay will come back. She knows that she needs to let go once again to enable the Divine Masculine to now find into his own power and true strength by discovering his own vulnerability and ability to feel and transform. As long as she was still feeding him with her energy, he had no reason to enter his own process of growth and expansion. She is now able to receive and feel him, without processing and transforming the energy for him any longer. She can feel his anger and the intense grief hiding behind the anger, for having been betrayed and forced to be someone he is not and to have had to live against his inner truth.

Energetically, there was no impulse for him to transform, as long as he was provided with the energy he needed to feel comfortable and safe through her. The Divine Feminine now sees and knows clearly that he needs his space again to recognize that his boundaries were guards out of fear and not out of self-love. He was still trying to tiptoe around his fear and pain to prevent this feeling of being seen as weak. By her boundaries out of self-respect and self-love, no longer making herself energetically smaller than she is to reach him, she forces him to follow onto the higher planes.

The Divine Masculine now is starting to truly awaken and to follow the Feminine who is guiding the way and holding the safe space. A safety he has never felt before. He is learning to drop the need to perform and to act to be someone he is not. She is helping him now energetically to find the courage to be who he truly is and that there is no need to compromise himself anymore either. He is now learning, that there is a completely new possibility of being connected. A relatedness instead of a relationship. An interdependence instead of a dependency. Shared joy, happiness and freedom instead of neediness and contracts. As fear drops away – there are no more strings attached. And for the first time, unconditional love, experienced in a physical body, truly becomes possible.

“As fear drops away – there are no more strings attached. And for the first time, unconditional love, experienced in a physical body, truly becomes possible.”

He has been waiting for her to come into her full power and into her heart center. So that he can now find his own way back into his heart. To find his connection to Source again, and to all that is – dancing with her on a whole new level. So that he can come home to her – as a true warrior of the heart, co-creating a new world with her – detached from any old concepts of the 3D reality that is no longer able to persist, when she keeps the frequency high.

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted.

Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

About the Author: 

Vera Ingeborg is an intuitive writer, energy coach and gridworker, traveling the world as a digital nomad to anchor, connect and work with the higher frequencies all over the planet and with people that are ready for exiting the 3D matrix. You can learn more about her and her work and services here: www.thewakeupexperience.eu, www.own-it-retreats.com

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Crystal July 3, 2017 - 1:05 pm

Thank you! I think we’ve been gently moving into this change since approx Jan/Febr. The trigger point for that wasn’t gentle though, it was me putting my foot down on an issue. Up until that point we’d been beating around the bush, both out of (a different) fear. Since then things have gradually started to change.
He began cutting away what doesn’t work. Suddenly there’s a lot of movement on his side. I do feel I have to ‘nudge’ him occasionally. I guess you can call that a mild way of triggering.


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