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Venus Is Going To Light The Fire Of Love This Year And This Is What It Means For Your Sun Sign

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There’s good news for all of you! Venus, the planet of Love, is not going to go retrograde this year.

It’s going to back your love life and spark up the romance with your partner. So, don’t let the loving energy of Venus go to waste. Accept the energy and see what changes it brings.


Venus will enter Aries on 20th April. The mid-year bliss is set for you. Plus, in October, there will be a Full Moon in Aries, so you get two choices – get really committed with someone or try to move forward. Trust the planets and they will help you out.


The rebellious Uranus has moved into Taurus and you are already feeling the chaos. Don’t worry too much. Since you like to stay traditional and within your comfort zone, the change Uranus brings will affect you. But there will be a sudden entry of romance in your life. Be surprised but don’t see it as something negative.


The expansive Jupiter is in your sign so you are already in a joyous state. Maybe you are in love and smiling all by yourself. For the next couple of months, you will stay in the comfortable hands of romance. So, be happy!


Since the beginning of this year, you have found yourself stuck. It’s frustrating and you wish to get some kind of motivator to push you forward. Well, wait for your birthday. The Solar Eclipse scheduled in July will revitalize you. If you are already flirting with a special person, July will be the time to take it to the next level. If not, then move on. The future awaits you.


You are proud of yourself in a healthy way, but people are always accusing you of being arrogant. That’s just enraging. But when Mercury enters Leo in June, things are going to change. Your partner or romantic interest will focus on you and your needs. You will slowly start getting into sync with your partner.


When you are nearing your birthday, many planetary changes will take place in your sign. Venus, Sun, Mars, a New Moon and Mercury will gain entry into your sign within two weeks of August. With so many energy changes happening in your sign, you will become the center of attention. Enjoy the energies and make the best use of it.


You are ambitious and responsible and though you have a secret craving to be swept off your feet by a wonderful person, you don’t want to dive in such a fantasy. However, you may not yet realize that Saturn will affect Venus during July. It just means that you may have unknowingly started building a relationship with someone. Maybe they are the One.


Don’t wait up for your birthday to make your move. If you plan on something, do it now. Mercury will be going retrograde from 31st October to 20th November and miscommunication will happen during that time. Better get over it now when the time is ripe.


You are immensely lucky. Venus will be going into your sign twice in 2019. You may have already brushed with love around the time of the New Year but if you haven’t, don’t worry. A second chance comes your way this November. Maybe a completely new relationship is around the corner.


There is limited planetary activity happening in Capricorn. As a person who likes everything organized and within control, you’d probably love that things are not going to be rocky for you. But don’t get your hopes too high. There will be celestial activity taking place as the year comes to an end. You can either be pleased with it or get confused. Think about it.


Your doubts about your life are growing. Your two ruling planets – Uranus and Saturn are not making their way for your sign during this year. You might have the desire to just become what people want you to become so that they can accept you. But don’t fall into that trap. Find yourself, stay true, and the right person will definitely come along.


You will have a blast this year. You have been out on dates and have kept other dates scheduled. You have dived into the music that your crush listens to. You are already feeling the romance in the air. When the moon finally affects you sign this September, you will be surprised by romantic activity. Someone is eagerly waiting for you.

Let the magic of love pass through you. This year is going to be a year of red cheeks and memorable moments. Live it well!

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