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If You Experience These 7 Signs You Are Living In Synchronicity With The Universe

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Synchronicities are series of coincidences that carry a powerful meaning for the individual that experiences them, a meaning that cannot be explained by ordinary terms.

Their perfect timing and overwhelming meaning resonating with other areas of your life make them seem to defy natural explanation.

A synchronicity is believed to be a sign from the Matrix telling you that you’re on the right track and aligning perfectly with the flow of the universe.

But how to recognize the difference between a synchronicity that brings deeper meaning and a subconscious attempt to find patterns and meaning where there is none?

Here are 7 of the most common synchronicity signs you must pay attention to:

7 Signs That Reveal A Synchronicity

1. You see repetitive numbers like 1111, 222, 333.

This is considered as the most common sign that people receive from the universe.

Others identified them as signs from our spirit guides or angels, telling us that we’re divinely guided and nudging us to go forward because we’re on the right path.

2. You think of someone who instantly calls or sends you a text message right after.

This is a synchronicity that happens to most of us and simply regarded as plain coincidence. You call someone and they’d say that they’re just thinking of you. Or you just think of them and immediately receive a message from them.

It’s because this synchronicity is grounded by an energetic connection that we have to all things around us, which makes us possible to tap into what others are thinking, or knowing others intentions, regardless of the distance.

3. You hear in your mind the first few lines of the next song to be played on the radio before it plays.

Just when you start singing the song that pops up in your head, you hear it instantly being played on the radio or at the shopping mall. It happens to most of us.

Living in alignment with The Universe and your truth increases your psychic abilities. Our precognitive abilities respond to stimuli before the stimuli appears.

4. The answer to the questions you’ve been asking yourself suddenly appears to you.

There are some aspects of your life where you need more clarity like what your next career move would be, an advice for a big project or maybe even waiting for a sign about a relationship you’re currently in. Then the answers are readily available to you at the moment or in ways you least expect.

A true example of one man who suffered from depression: He tried everything to overcome his depression, from meditation and Yoga to different medications, exercising and healthy diets. However, nothing really helped. He was desperate to find a solution, an answer how to overcome his depression, how to help himself. One day while he was looking for a book in the library the answer appeared right in front of him. He saw a book that had nothing written on its front page but the word Play. Suddenly he got his answer. The word resonated so deeply and powerfully with him that he understood the core of healing his depression.

5. You feel the perfect timing is with you.

When you work with the universe, it will work for you in return. It opens up more synchronicities in your life.

You’ll experience good timing and impeccable flow. You feel that you’re exactly at the right place, at the right time, doing what you need to be doing. There is no friction to what you do but it feels like it’s flowing.

6. You randomly receive gifts you secretly wanted.

Maybe there’s something you secretly desire without telling anyone about it. It may be a book you want to read or a gadget you want to buy. Surprisingly, your friend or partner hands it to you, telling you that they just thought you’d like it.

When you desire things from your truth the desire is pure. It’s in alignment with The Universe and something much bigger than an egoistic satisfaction. This spiritual magnetism is a lot stronger than shallow desires.

7. You accidentally meet someone who has the ability to help you through your biggest dilemma or current need.

When you meet someone who has the answer to your problems in an hour and place you least expect, know that it’s the universe’s way of telling you it hears your calling. You’re in perfect alignment with the flow of the universe.

You might want to travel to a certain place and you meet someone who has just been to that place. Even more, they start talking about it without you even saying anything about that topic. They have a message for you that you need to listen to. It might help you with your choice.

If you want more synchronicity to manifest in your life, meet where the universe is, live from the truth of your heart. Put more effort to raise your vibration, take care of yourself, eat healthy, and most importantly, follow your heart.

The universe is always open to guide you as long as you keep your alignment with it.

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