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Psychic Medium Explains 4 Types Of Spirit Guides

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How many of you feel a chill running down your spine when you think of coming face-to-face with a ghost?

We all know the stories of people who can communicate with the spirits. Today we are going to know about one such man, who will divulge secrets about the process.

The story is of a woman who had extreme belief in science. She didn’t believe in super-natural or spirits. But all her belief system changed when she met a talented psychic medium. The man brought her messages from her deceased relatives, which took her by her nerve as he couldn’t know all that from any possible source. She invited him on a radio program to discuss the concept of psychic medium.

The man explained that human are born with these psychic abilities which are commonly known as intuitions. He further says that it is upto us that we tune in with our innate qualities and gut feelings. The power of prayer and meditation can be highly helpful in bringing forth these spirit guides into your space.

What are Psychic Mediums?

A Psychic Medium is the one who can connect with spirits to learn specific information. He explains that these people act, merely, as radio receivers. They transmit the information received from the spirits to the world.

Types of Spirit Guides

Bill identifies four Spirit guides who he communicated with.

1. Deceased loved ones:

They are the ones, who the person knew during his lifetime such as family, friends or close kin.

2. Spirits sent to help:

These spirits are not the ones who the person has any relation with, but they are sent to help and protect us.

3. Ascended Masters:

They are the people who lived highly spiritual life in human realm. They have a more energetic presence than the previous two.

4. Angels:

Their energy is the strongest among the other discussed ones. They are the pure souls who have not been touched by physical body ever. They guide us through our problems.

We all have been protected and helped by these spirit guides at different points in our life. We just need to look for the hints which they produce.

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