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4 Things To Practice To Awaken Your Heart Chakra

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by Conscious Reminder

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Our heart chakra is actually placed in the center of our chests. It has the purpose to regulate our ability of receiving, as well as giving love. When the heart chakra is balanced, it heralds the fact of everlasting love about to happen.

When this chakra flows seamlessly, it has the ability to fill our lives with never-ending joy, as well as happiness. It will also make us see all the attractiveness of shining in different lights. Even some worn-out, as well as old aspects of our life,  will appear vibrant, as well as colorful.

That intolerant opinion which the society filled us with during our life starts to fall apart. Now, our view of the world is more optimistic and broad.

Some problems with shortcoming and with behavior, like less self-esteem, as well as self-hatred, will be the result when the heart chakra is blocked.

In order to reassert our spiritual honor, we need to indulge in some practices which actually ensure the bright glow of the Anahata.

How can we awaken our heart chakra?

1. By using guided meditation.

Oftentimes, self-meditation cannot be successful. It will fail in giving us the desired results. Because of that, the best option will be to take a guided meditation.

In such a session, we will go after the instructions which are given by a trained spiritual practitioner that is going to help us in directing our spiritual energies towards our Anahata centers.

This practice is quite an effective way of meditating, and it is also excellent for releasing our heart chakra from all those threatening captors.

2. By sharing love and kindness

Love is actually the prime mover of the Anahata. We can actually open the chakra, on condition that we somehow discover a way of filling our spiritual living with some creative love amounts.

Love can also intensify when we share it. For example, we can shower our pets with a lot of affection. We should never let something to take kindness from our hands. We have to be humanitarians, and we need to try to understand all those people we ever met about their brutal mental fights.

When depressed, we always show some signs. Our dark expressions will give us away.

Every time when we feel that a person close to using goes through some hard times, we should not ignore them, but make a conversation, listen and think about what they said. We should give them the chance to express their emotional weight. Being that kind will prove to be the key to opening the Anahata.

3. By using essential oils

These are inexplicable compounds which are a quite popular medical product for the opening of the blockages of chakras.

A lot of practitioners proved that they are effective. Their use at a time of meditation will increase the effectiveness of the practice for sure. Some of the oils which can be useful for the opening of those blockages are tea tree oil, frankincense, as well as lavender oil.

4. By practicing a proper diet

When attaining some ascension on a spiritual level, we will become more than concerned about the habits of eating we have. We will stay far away from those foods which make us unhealthy or fat.

We will consume organic fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of benefits for the health or enhance the function of our heart, which have the ability of opening the heart chakra.

These foods are seen as awesome ones, as of the healing impacts on the soul and mind.

A diet composed of leafy green vegetables, as well as other healthy foods will restore happiness and joy in our life and in that way, it will open the heart chakra too.

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