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October 19th New Moon in Libra – Find Your Balance

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This time the October 19th New Moon falls in the Libra sign. The Libra signifies harmony and stability, suggesting that all of us need to find balance in this upcoming period.

We often tend to get overwhelmed by our thoughts and mental stress, ignoring the subtle guidance of the intuition. To operate properly we need to let both heart and mind have equal hold on our decision-making abilities and more. This Libra sign will definitely help in figuring out how to find ways to let your heart get equal reign in your life as your mind.

It is important that we pay attention to what our hearts have to say. Take some time this new moon  to explore yourself and channel the good energy to do good things.

Recently, if you have been facing troubles in your personal or professional life, lacking motivation or have hit a block regarding your productivity, then this October 19 New Moon  will bring in your life the required balance to help you get back on track.

If you have been failing to commit to a job, or feeling restless, or your life has become exceptionally chaotic, then the Libra will automatically bring about changes that will guide you to a better and harmonious lifestyle. Certain events may take place during this time that will help you grasp the messages of the Universe and lead you where you need to be.

Although this New Moon phase might have you feeling a bit odd and erratic, your mind all over the place more often, but all you need to do is concentrate on your work and life and do what needs to be done. Things will work out eventually. It is just a bright neon sign screaming at you to look for balance in your life. You need to analyze yourself and understand how you will proceed to find your way back to a calm and peaceful self. Once you figure it out, you need to take the necessary steps.

People believe that New Moon is the time when all things new can be started. Be it a new idea or a new project, if it’s started at the time of a New Moon it is said to bring great results in the future. Thus, all the energy released during this time hints at Universe giving us opportunities and chances as gifts which will surely fetch us prosperity later. October’s New Moon marks an auspicious phase so we need to wait to experience its benefits.

The sign Libra also expounds to be kind and compassionate to others. Being empathetic also helps in building harmonious connections with others. This new perspective will help in understanding others’ point of view which can help in tackling problems and finding a middle-ground. However if you feel that someone is wasting your time then it is also time to free yourself of the negativity.

If you look at things from a different angle, then things change too. So, this New Moon October 19, find your true calling and start working on it as it is a great time to build yourself up to reap worthwhile benefits later.

Look for the balance in your life which will remarkably make all the difference. Think about what you were working on back in April 2017 when Libra housed the Full Moon. Having experienced strong energy blasts at that time, this New Moon phase seems like God given second chance to finish what you started.

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