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Introverts Are Probably The Most Evolved Personality Type, According To Research

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by Conscious Reminder

When the renowned psychiatrist named Carl Jung has described extroversion and introversion for the first time, he also noted that the personality of the introvert is more spiritual and mystical than the one of its counterpart, the extrovert. Nowadays, researches point to the introvert being better evolved.

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

“I” & “E”

When describing the personality of an introvert as being more spiritual and mystical, Carl Jung has noted that the extroverts were better focused on practical and objective. The complex theory of Jung on this matter also laid the entire groundwork for “I” & “E” on the scale Myers-Briggs.

Existing together

Although it sometimes sounds as Jung preferred the introverts over the extroverts that are definitely not like that. He does not make a difference between these two. Rather than that, he even saw the two types existing together.

The theory of Jung

The theory of Jung states that extroverts and introverts exist together continually. This particular theory about the evolving of the human consciousness has been described like this: “We evolve over time.

As we begin, we don’t perceive what is known as subtle energy. Instead, we tend to perceive only what we can see with our eyes.”

This theory continued: “The hard stuff and the physical stuff. We don’t really try to examine our inner world, because we’re so focused on the outer world.”


This theory also suggested that exist some people that watch and then copy everything that others do. They compete, constantly trying to be the best.

These people are extroverts. Slowly, but also surely, extroverts start evolving and developing sensitivity to certain more subtle energy waves – the “not hard” stuff. Enter introverts.

Advantages and disadvantages

Naturally, such higher sensitivity may be bad and good at the same time. We will be able to feel the energies more readily, as we have developed the fantastic radar.

We will feel our energy more naturally, having the ability also to recharge alone. In order to do that, we just go to where we are feeling our vibration.

What about the downside? It will be the overwhelming energy sense which ‘screams’ us for 24 hours a day. So, from this point of view, the introverts are said to be individuals that evolved to the higher consciousness, just as they are able to feel energies of the higher and faster vibrations.

Because of that, introverts live from more of the “we” consciousness motivations. This means that they actually focus on the collective intentions and energies, and they try to utilize themselves as the vessels for their greater good.

Certain other researches

However, this is not the only time that science looked deep into the connection between human evolution and characteristics.

In 2011, Susan Cain, the one who wrote for the New York Times, detailed how being shy is the attribute which contributes to human species’ survival.

In the report, Chain has explained how being shy is actually something which has to be celebrated, and not medicate. She even noted the number of scientists that categorized animal species as “sitters” or also “rovers,” on the basis of their way of behaving.

While the “sitters” were a shy animal which wait aside, the “rovers” roam around and explore, looking for some food.

So, the sitters are characteristic by their shyness, while the rovers by their outgoing nature. Although the latter ones are the first to investigate or warm up for new situations, they are the first to be killed by other animals.

However, in the human world, similar archetypes also exist, and they are extroverts and introverts.

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