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June Moons 2024: Gemini New Moon & Full Moon in Capricorn

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In June 2024, we can expect a New Moon in Gemini that will stimulate our mental abilities, followed by a Full Moon in Capricorn that will bring a sense of focus and determination.

What can we expect from these?

What exactly is a New Moon?

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in the exact same position in the Zodiac, which is referred to as a conjunction. The transiting Sun and Moon are both moving. In addition to having a high level of energy and enthusiasm, new moons are associated with beginnings.

What exactly is a Full Moon?

When the Sun and Moon are in positions in the Zodiac that are completely opposite to one another, this is referred to as an opposition. This type of Moon is known as a Full Moon. The Full Moon is associated with conclusion and culmination, and it is a source of emotional energy.

New Moon in Gemini: June 6th 2024 (8:38 a.m. ET/2:38 p.m. CET)

The Gemini New Moon enhances our mental energy, encouraging us to be more engaged, expressive, and communicative. When our minds align, ideas flow effortlessly, enabling us to execute our plans with precision. We have the ability to exchange our thoughts and pass along valuable information. Now is an opportune moment to expand your knowledge, engage in meaningful discussions, express yourself through writing, or deliver compelling speeches.

With the Gemini New Moon, there is a heightened sense of activity and energy. This is due to the influence of Gemini, an active air and mutable sign. We are seeking a diverse range of projects and ideas to prioritize, and we have the ability to transition seamlessly from one task to another with efficiency. To avoid boredom, it is important to find ways to stay engaged and mentally stimulated.

With the current alignment of Jupiter in Gemini and the New Moon in Gemini, we have a wealth of new opportunities. Optimism and expansion infuse our ideas and plans, enabling us to see the wider picture. We have the ability to envision grander possibilities and embrace the potential of our ideas.

The New Moon is conjunct (aligned with) Venus in Gemini and forms a challenging aspect with transit Saturn in Pisces. The alignment with Venus indicates a favorable opportunity to collaborate with others, potentially leading to advantageous outcomes through our network of connections. There may be unexpected opportunities that arise, giving us the chance to collaborate with others and establish new agreements and commitments. We can approach verbal agreements with a heightened sense of importance and carefully consider the conversations we engage in with others. Venus has the ability to provide a sense of stability and balance to our thoughts.

The square to Saturn may present some difficulties in cultivating disciplined minds and staying focused. It is important to strike a balance between allowing our thoughts to wander and staying grounded in reality. We must ensure that we are perceiving things accurately and maintaining a realistic perspective without succumbing to pessimism.

The New Moon occurs at 16 degrees 18 minutes Gemini.

The aspects to the New Moon are:

Conjunction: 14 degrees 18 minutes – 18 degrees 18 minutes Gemini

Sextile: 14 degrees 18 minutes – 18 degrees 18 minutes Aries or Leo

Square: 14 degrees 18 minutes – 18 degrees 18 minutes Virgo or Pisces

Trine: 14 degrees 18 minutes – 18 degrees 18 minutes Libra or Aquarius

Opposition: 14 degrees 18 minutes – 18 degrees 18 minutes Sagittarius

Full Moon in Capricorn: June 21st/22nd 2024 (9:08 p.m. ET/3:08 a.m. CET)

Capricorn represents the pinnacle of the Zodiac, symbolizing our ambitions, dreams, and the achievements we strive for in life. During the Capricorn Full Moon, we witness the fruits of our labor and the outcomes of our strategic efforts. It is a period of reaching new heights, accomplishing goals, and experiencing success, provided that we have approached our endeavors with diligence and integrity. Handling new responsibilities requires giving ourselves enough room to breathe, ensuring we can manage them effectively.

We may encounter obstacles, delays, and even failure when our actions do not align with our intentions. This can be a challenging period for handling our responsibilities. It appears that there may be a lack of discipline and focus, leading to a feeling of being overwhelmed by the weight of everything. It is important to adopt a fresh perspective and evaluate what adjustments or modifications are required, or even consider revising our overall goal.

This marks the first of two consecutive Full Moons in Capricorn, with the next one occurring on July 21st at 29 degrees Capricorn. When two consecutive lunations occur in the same sign, they often connect with each other, with the first one initiating development that culminate with the second one. This suggests that whatever happens during this Capricorn Full Moon has the potential to extend into July, becoming a prominent area of concentration for the upcoming month. It is crucial to approach the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon with intelligence, concentration, accountability, and sagacity. With this Full Moon at an anaretic degree (29 degrees), we anticipate a significant and momentous conclusion or climax.

In Capricorn, the Full Moon coincides with the retrograde motion of Ceres, the dwarf planet associated with nourishment, support, and resources. Astrology refers to a celestial body as retrograde when it appears to move backward. This phenomenon can disrupt the energy associated with it. When Ceres is involved, it can disrupt our access to resources, support, and nourishment, leading to potential challenges related to money, food, or possessions on a global scale. Capricorn governs the realms of governments, politics, and corporations, indicating that this period may present challenges for individuals in these areas.

During the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon, it is worth noting that Ceres will continue to be in retrograde. This suggests that the current developments we are paying attention to are likely connected to the ongoing Ceres retrograde. Direct your attention towards areas where you may be experiencing insecurity, a lack of support, or challenges with resources. Take proactive steps to navigate around these obstacles, address the root causes, or explore alternative solutions.

The Full Moon is in direct opposition to the transit Venus in Cancer, which could potentially lead to some interpersonal challenges. The Gemini New Moon is highly compatible with others, but this Full Moon doesn’t seem to have the same level of harmony. We need to ensure that we are mindful and considerate of others while also maintaining our own boundaries. It is important to find a delicate balance in order to avoid being overly strong in one direction, as this can be unproductive for everyone involved.

The Full Moon occurs at 1 degrees 7 minutes Capricorn.

Aspects to the Full Moon are:

Conjunction: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 7 minutes Capricorn

Sextile: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 7 minutes Scorpio or Pisces

Square: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 7 minutes Aries or Libra

Trine: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 7 minutes Taurus or Virgo

Opposition: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 7 minutes Cancer

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