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The Beginning Of The Long Journey. What To Expect After Your Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual awakening is the beginning of the long journey. It is the turning point of life. It is the dramatic shift in the consciousness that changes everything.  

This realization of your true self produces so many deviations in life on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

You should know what happens after spiritual awakening; here is the list:

  • You don’t want to eat meat at all – you become complete vegan
  • Health defines you; you try to remain healthy and only adopt healthy lifestyle
  • Earth feels more sacred than before; her protection is all you want
  • Empathy enhances
  • Water is life and you literally feel it – you don’t waste water
  • Due to the energy shift, your body requires more water, and you remain thirsty most of the time
  • Alcohol and drugs don’t fascinate you
  • You become extra sensitive; there are more sounds than before and more things to see
  • Nature attracts you-you spend hours in nature without noticing
  • You want to meet more of your kind of people – old companions don’t seem similar
  • Feelings of self-love enhances which leads to self-acceptance and self-esteem; you become a better version of yourself
  • There’s a sense of discomfort and pain because old wounds come forward to get cured forever
  • Old memories spark now and then; all those memories that you have considered long gone come back to you in flashes
  • Curiosity conquers your mind, and you want to know more about everything
  • There are extremity of moods as well; you feel angry, jealous, sad, ashamed, guilty, for no apparent reason – sometimes the reason is too deep that you continue feeling the same way for many days
  • You want to go for personal growth in every possible way
  • Dreams are more vivid now; they hold deep meaning and appear more focused
  • You see or notice similar number sequence again and again, and they hold deep meaning
  • Your social circle entirely changes, and with time, you make new friends that are more like you
  • Synchronicities become the part of your life

After your soul awakes, these changes become a part of your life and will continue until you achieve your destiny, i.e. attaining your higher self.

Being spiritually awake doesn’t change the typical problems of your life.

You wake up in the morning like any other day and go to a job. Your boss won’t treat you differently, and your colleagues don’t change.

The only thing that is changing is you and your perception. When you are spiritually awake, you see things more clearly. You also know how to cope better with any problems in your life.

Spiritual awakening makes you a new and better person as well. You sense feelings of others in a much-improved manner.

You follow your own life routine, but there’s a spark in your eyes and freshness in your mind.

Your life doesn’t seem boring anymore, and you have a path to follow that is full of excitement. This new world keeps you busy even when you are sleeping.

It’s a beautiful phase of your life, and if you are still young, then you are quite lucky because now you can live every one of life’s joys at their fullness.

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