The 5 Qualities Every Good Man Should Possess

by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, in these societies which drown in dating advice sites and magazines, articles, social media, and almost not enough time for slowing down and resetting, we are overloaded with information related to what we should do, and hardly enough information or advice on who should we be.

Particularly for men, the advice available in articles, social media, and magazines is about how they should talk to women, how they are supposed to treat women and being a conversation. But, no matter what we do or say, the most important thing would be who we are.

These are the five qualities which make good men:

They are mature.

In fact, true maturity will mean that men have the ability to take care of themselves, and they approach problems in their lives in a collected and calm manner. They understand the significance of being independent, and they value what they have. They don’t need to be quite rich, but they need to know some ways of handling their assets. Although the thing that men mature later in their lives is true, there are many men who are past their 30s and have childish behavior.

Ideally, desirable men should live just by themselves; however, some might even stay with roommates. Under any circumstances, they are not supposed to live with their parents. Moreover, they will know how they can carry themselves in public and understand their role as adults.

They are emotionally strong.

Desirable men will not cry when something does not go as they planned. They don’t sink into depressive states right after they fail. Rather than that, they analyze why it did not work out. Then, they find ways to make everything work. In order to belong to the group of desirable and highly respected men, you should be quite emotionally strong.

Men should be the ones that fall down like trees without roots right when they face any obstacles and expect the admiration of women. Their emotional toughness is going to be the proof that they are men that have the ability to simply make it through all those life pitfalls. They also understand that what women want are saviors.

They are gentlemen.

Great men need to be considerate, polite, attentive, and respectful to the needs of women. This also includes classic behavior of gentlemen like holding the door, pulling the chair for her, taking her jacket, etc. If every man in this world was a gentleman, we are going to live in quite a better world.

Unfortunately, nowadays things aren’t like that because those guys that possess that quality are really different from the others. Additionally to this, great men will never be inappropriate.

They have clear ambitions and goals.

Mature women are well aware of the fact that they aren’t supposed to plan their own future with men who don’t have future plans. Those men that know what they want from their lives and have the needed ambition in order to pursue everything they want are always going to be quite more attractive and wanted than the ones that don’t know what they want.

Regardless of what you do, you should never permit yourself to actually be average, because it is simply something close to the bottom.

They pay more attention.

A lot of men believe that listening represents a passive type of action which doesn’t require effort, and because of that, they are not successful in seeing its true significance.

However, women believe that listening represents something more active and something which requires more attention. Also, we will have to try hard in order to fully absorb everything that was said, then store that in our mind in order to discuss later.

In fact, developing our abilities to listen actively is going to make us more desirable, regardless of the fact if we speak about professional or personal relationships.

It is not going to be what men said or did for women that will actually make them love men. It is going to be the men that they have worked quite hard to be.

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