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Did You Know That Having A Dog Or A Cat Has A Deep Spiritual Meaning?

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Numerous studies show that there is an invisible contact between humans and animals.

It is believed that during interaction the biofield of man enters into resonance with the life force field of the healthy animal. And because mammals have a structure of internal organs similar to the human, then they can suck the bad energy of our organs.

For The positive impact of energy between man- animal has been written a lot. Many people have observed that the cat comes to help her owner when he feels sick.

The cat is a mysterious animal and have almost magical qualities to remove negative energies. When it feels that the owner has been hit with a negative vibration, it restores the sanctity and heals the energy and vibration. It sits near its owner until it’s feels ‘full’ is the negative energy and then it quietly leaves. The cat is the only mammal that can operate normally after healing the vibrations. Also, a cat should never be stopped as it decides to leave you, as it only means one thing — it has taken all in its capacity and now needs to restore and recharge itself.

Dogs most often than not are our guardian angels and protect us in health and sickness.

They often act as sponges and every negative energy directed towards its human — that of envy, lust, hate, anger etc. is absorbed by the dog as it has an energy plan with the human. A dog is guardian in true sense.

Dogs have a inbuilt high resistance to the ‘Energy Dust’, however, if it is sickly all the time or shows signs of depression, you really need to consider if very thing is alright in your family or the living space. They are very attuned to energy of their own human.

Astrally and spiritually speaking, the need of having a dog or a cat has a deep cosmic meaning which also effects our human psychology deeply too.

Why Having a Dog or Cat Has a Deep Spiritual Meaning?

#The Spiritual Meaning of Having a Cat

Astrologically speaking, cat represents the gentleness of the moon.

Moon as a planet gives us mental softness, kindness and also, it represents the mysteries of the world. The children or the adults mostly aspire to have a cat when everything in their life is out of order. Cats do have a very organized personality and can lead as an example for us to be organized in our life as well.

When a child longs for a kitten, it can have numerous meanings, however, the most common one is for the child to feel cosmic closeness with another being. Children until 2 to 3 years of age are deeply connected with the divine and longing for a cat simply means they want to keep this connection strong even after it grows up and takes up all the roles they are supposed to play in their current human character. Also, it might sometimes mean that the child lacks emotional nourishment in the family and needs emotional support and cat would of course, be the most comforting being after all. For adults, longing for a cat can occur in various situations where they feel emotionally empty or when they are in need of a strong spiritual presence around them.

# The Spiritual Meaning of Having a Dog

A dog represents the energy of the Sun.

When a child longs for a puppy, it is an indication that they are ready to take on life and they will heal and enhance their creative abilities. It can also mean that the child has an artist hidden within and it is just waiting to be unleashed. The child who dreams about puppy wants to be noticed, it is simply necessary to develop his talents to surprise and to delight others. If the adult dreams about a dog, then it’s time to diversify his life.

The sun is the energy that we want to soak in when everything is blue and we do not have the slightest desire to keep going in life anymore. Dogs and humans have a beautiful connection and the tuning is such that both the dog and its human can understand each other in the deepest way possible.

Choose your Best Friend by your heart. This way you will be sure that you made the best choice.

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