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Twin Flame Symbol: What Does It Really Mean?

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In this article we discuss the twin flame symbol. It was Saint Germain who began with an image of two circles which symbolized the separate entities, which would be later known as twin flames. He showcased the twin flame symbol (Infinity symbol) and he would describe this as the beginning of two souls uniting as one.

As the two circles joined together which formed the two halves of the eight, the infinity symbol. This was very symbolic, the coming together of two wonderful energies, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. These two souls would work together, whether they are in the physical or in the spiritual realms, experiencing the moving energies within the inner eye of the heart as they journeyed around the infinity symbol.

When The Two Energies Meet To Form The Twin Flame Symbol

As the two radiant energies meet in the middle, they are clearly noticeable as the magnetized energies of the Divine Masculine and the sparkling energies of the Divine Feminine.

When these two meet, energy is released, its not very different from sparks flying. Saint Germain explains when this happens, its like a call to many souls and entities throughout the universe, who since have been waiting since the creation itself.

They have waited and prepared themselves to support when it is required. Saint Germain did state that he would come back to the infinity symbol as he professed further through explanation of the twin flame symbol. Germain next explained the significance of the triangle.

The Triangle Of Twin Flame Symbol

The lower two corners portray the Divine Masculine at the one and the Divine Feminine is at other corner. In this stage the twin flames are substantially still in duality.

Twin flames are working together removing old patterns and egotism, the fires would seem to become virtually one and at the center of the triangles foundation would go closer together. That is when the the triangle comes into much greater play.

It is an indication the twins flames have proceeded beyond duality which basically means they are working as one soul being in two bodies and represents the Father Mother God facet of the combined Twin flames.

What Does the Twin Symbol Look Like?

The twin flame symbol is represented by a circle and within it below is the infinity symbol, above it is the the triangle and within the triangle is the two flames.

Its a special symbol which showcases two souls merging as one.

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