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How To Keep Practicing Unconditional Love In A Demanding Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

It is fairly expected that not everyone will agree to our viewpoint and we will meet with some opposition and differing opinions.

And we might be able to handle strangers in such cases, but what do we do when such alterations occur in the confines of our home.

When we have opposing views with our loved ones, it can be a tightrope to balance between our love for the person and our fidelity to the subject.

Here’s how to deal with such situations:

1. Do appreciate their passion and mindset.

It doesn’t take much to compliment someone on their opinions. Praising them doesn’t necessarily mean that you are agreeing to their opinion, just that you are willing enough to give them credit for it.

2. Respect their experiences.

We never know what the other person has gone through. There might be a legit reason behind their opinion which we might never go because we haven’t experienced life in the same nuances as them.

3. Limit your interactions.

Since this person is important enough that you interactions would be many and sometimes unavoidable, try to get a break every time you can. If you want the dynamic to remain happy and healthy, maintain a safe distance when possible.

4. It is okay to get overwhelmed and lash out.

Once in a while it is okay to lose control and actually tell them exactly what you feel about the topic. If you have done so, don’t over think it too much. The only changes you can bring are in the future, not the past.

5. Breathe deeply before reacting.

If they say something that makes a response inevitable, take a deep breath before you speak anything. It will give you the respite needed to plan out your words so you don’t say something you’ll regret later.

6. This is not about proving your point; it is for practicing your loving-kindness.

People like them are in your life so that you know how it is in the outside world. Try practicing your patience and calm with these people so that you can learn to be loving and kind even in the most adverse situations.

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