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7 Differences Between A Twin Flame and A ‘False Twin’ Relationship

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We have talked about Twin Flames before. Now, it’s time to talk about ‘False Twin” since the concept has been seemingly misinterpreted.

I don’t want to say this, but not every happy relationship is considered as that of a ‘twin soul.’ While this might alarm others, it is noteworthy to come to grips with reality.

If your relationship is happy, that’s what matters. In the end it’s not about twin flames, or soulmates. There is a mystery in life that goes beyond them.

If you sense you are in the right relationship, who cares if you are with your twin flame or not.

With that being said, let’s get back to our topic.

When a couple makes the mistake of interpreting their relationship as a fantasy, as something magical and straight out of a movie, they are in for a disaster.

Real relationships are rough. They are dirty and sometimes even painful. There are times when everything is boring and not so special.

There are times when you see your partner in a bad light, when you realize they smell bad, when you hear something so stupid coming out of their mouth that you wonder how they survived till now.

But you are the same. You too have flaws. And that’s normal because both of you are human.

Even if you are in a relationship with your soulmate, or your twin flame, before everything else, they are human.

When you are giving a relationship false hopes and unrealistic expectations, the relationship will not live up to them because it’s a real relationship. And you’ll think there is something wrong with your partner, or even yourself.

Setting unrealistic expectations builds tension between the couple as they are impossible to live up to.

The false idea that theirs is a ‘twin soul’ relationship becomes more important than seeing the happiness of each other.

And if the relationship turns out to be normal, even though they are quite happy, people would feel that they are in a wrong relationship just because it’s not with their twin flame.

Even worse, some people would do anything to justify that they are in a twin flame relationship. They will go against their happiness just so their relationship looks perfect.

They will avoid conflicts, they will fake their desires, feelings, passions, things they love doing, their appearance and opinions just so their relationship looks like straight out of a fantasy. This is what we call a “False Twin” relationship.

7 differences between a Twin Flame and a “False Twin” relationship:

1. A twin flame will seem like you’ve known them since forever, but they will make you feel like you want to know them even more. – A false twin will make you feel like you know them enough.

2. A twin flame will make you feel free to express who you really are and what you really feel. – A false twin will make you hide your real feelings as not to usurp the relationship’s perfection.

3. You will feel a sense of expansion with your twin flame. – You will feel a sense of contraction with a false twin.

4. You will bring out the best in each other when you are with your twin flame. – You will force each other to appear perfect with your false twin.

5. You and your twin flame have strong empathy of each other’s emotions. – You and your false twin act as if your emotions are always positive, not being aware of what the other really feels.

6. You and your twin flame unconditionally accept each other. – You and your false twin follow certain rules and conditions in order to accept each other.

7. You firmly know, deep inside your heart that they are your twin flame, without any proof. – You will never have this certainty with a false twin.

Your relationship is not a fairytale!

You are not in a movie. You are real. And people would let something real get ruined because they like their relationship to look like a movie.

The thing is before you come into this world, certain aspects of your life are already predestined.

Even though you can exercise your free will in some other ways, twin souls are already fixed even before they were born. And they were destined to meet, no matter what.

Only that you cannot decide when to meet your twin soul. Everything depends on the spiritual progress of the both of you. But when they do come, you will know instantly.

However, and this is a BIG HOWEVER, the point of a relationship is not to find your twin flame. The point of a relationship is love!

The point of your twin flame is to teach you how to be better at relationships so you can better exercise love.

Love is what matters!

Since this idea of “Twin Flames” and “Soulmates” is common these days, knowing what twin souls and soulmates really are is of utmost importance!

Not understanding what they mean can confuse you and steer you away from your path.

It might even damage your relationships or the ability to show love for others.

Do not try to overthink things. Do not try to analyze if you’ve met your twin soul or not. When you meet them, oh you’ll know. Both of you will!

There are some good news for people who want to meet their twin flames, though.

As we enter the Aquarian age, a lot of twin soul meetings will take place. This is very beneficial since the mass meeting of twin souls will emit a light that will change the world.

Even sociologists describe our time as the second age of enlightenment.

Yet, no matter how exciting the times ahead may seem, it still pays to get extra cautious.

Do not misinterpret some real love as a “Twin Flame” relationship. Do not try to define your love or your relationship.

Just try to exercise love the best way you can! That’s what your twin flame tries to teach you anyway.

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