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Crystal Companions For Children

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Do your children love to collect rocks?  Are they picking them up off the ground and filling up their pockets?  At street fairs or carnivals are they asking you for money to bring home more stone friends?  Do you find stones all over the house?  Do your children carry them in their pockets to school, or sleep with them beside their beds?  Are you raising an emerging rock hound? Is there a stone healer growing up in your house?

The 13 Crystal Companions for Children

Nine of these stones come from the trigonal mineral system which supports the safe descent of the Soul into physical form.  They fill your child with confidence that his or her needs will be lovingly met so that he or she can playfully explore the world that is now home.  These stones also encourage perception and understanding so that as their experiences as a human grows, so does their comprehension of what life is, and can offer them.  Gold calcite, pink calcite, amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, red jasper, tiger’s eye, blue lace agate, and bloodstone, are not only attending to your child, they help your child to understand and embrace the experience of harmony, service, and generosity.  These trigonal stones help your child to engage in healthy and positive relationships with you as parent, and with every family member.  They facilitate your child’s ability to listen.  And they promote your child’s ability to attend to the needs of others to become a caring and loving adult.  As calm and respectful members of the children’s crystal collective, these nine stones promote self-respect, build self-esteem, and facilitate the development of healthy loving relationships.When minerals work together as a collective, they function like a construction crew.  In the case of your child’s development, each stone handles a specific task with expertise so that your child’s development is completed as gracefully as possible and no stone is burdened with doing a job that it is not equipped to do.  Thirteen specific minerals will support your child’s journey into adulthood.  They address every aspect of your child’s spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical growth to provide comprehensive assistance in the process of growing up whole and healthy.  Amethyst, hematite, red jasper, bloodstone, rose quartz, smoky quartz, gold calcite, pink calcite, blue lace agate, fluorite, aquamarine, and apatite appreciate the opportunity to assist you in raising your child.

Aquamarine, apatite, and hematite are the three hexagonal members of your child’s stone team.  As representatives of this mineral system, they provide your child with motivation, perseverance, and enthusiasm to discover his or her talents, abilities, and reason for being in this world. They are very helpful in developing self-expression, improving concentration, and facilitating balance.  These qualities are crucial to academic success and these stones like to go to school with your child.  If your child struggles with lack of ambition or feels intimidated by the accomplishments of friends, these stones support self-actualization and can create an energetic buffer to help him or her find the true path to fulfillment.  Additionally these motivating stones support collaboration and will facilitate encouraging and uplifting relationships that enhance your child’s sense of wellbeing.

The last member of your child’s stone team is fluorite, a member of the cubic mineral system.  As the cubic representative, fluorite helps your child to make sense out of all the experiences in which he or she is participating, and will participate in.  Fluorite is the fluid glue that puts all the puzzle pieces of your child’s life into a moving, yet comprehensive picture.  It helps your child to organize his or her life by providing focus and direction so that success is realizable and fun.  Promoting self-discipline, fluorite is a task master with homework.  It encourages your child to practice any kind of skill, and is especially helpful in learning an instrument or language.  By embracing the structure and routine that fluorite promotes, your child can experience stability and responsibility.  This naturally leads your child to trust in his or her own abilities to learn, grow, and accomplish goals.  When your child learns to trust himself or herself, you are well on your way to raising a happy, healthy, intelligent human being who will make good life-affirming decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual members of your child’s crystal companions and how to use them:

Amethyst:  This is a great stone to reduce nightmares and is best placed by your child’s bed.  It will infuse your child with spiritual support from his or her guardian angels, and during sleep promotes your child’s connection with his or her Soul.  It is helpful when teaching a child how to forgive and facilitates the release of anger and shame.  You can have your child hold the amethyst while he or she tells you about a fight at school and let the anger go into the stone.  Then together you can wash the stone and let the anger go down the drain.  Wearing amethyst jewelry, especially a bracelet on the left wrist, will help your child to calm down when nervous.  Carrying an amethyst in the left pocket can reduce hurt and shame.  Placing a large amethyst geode in the living space of your home will fill every family member with a sense of spiritual support, protection, and love.  As a silicate, amethyst promotes a sense of spiritual self-awareness that over time, will lead your child to the establishment of personal integrity.

Apatite:  If you have a very emotional child, apatite will support his or her emotional balance.  It is most helpful when worn on the body as a bracelet, pendant, ring, or even an ankle bracelet.  Placing apatite on a desk can help your child stay positive when challenged by the tasks of learning, or feeling defeated by poor grades regardless of the effort put in.  Larger pieces of apatite placed in the main living space in your home will encourage family harmony and can help with sibling issues. As a phosphate mineral, apatite promotes neutrality in challenging situations, including tolerance in relationships that emotionally trigger negative responses.  In that way, apatite will help your child to establish loving and respectful relationships.

Aquamarine:  Is your child a social butterfly or a loner?  In either case, aquamarine will be a stalwart friend to your child by encouraging positive and effective self-expression.  Worn in the left pocket or even as a bracelet on the left wrist, aquamarine will infuse your child to speak his or her truth, respectfully and with love, not only to other children but also with adults. Aquamarine focuses on honesty and is useful for children who engage in bullying.  It helps them to stop judging others and encourages them to praise rather than criticize.  For the child who is being bullied, aquamarine provides the courage necessary to rise above the hurtful and biting words being thrown at him or her. In these ways aquamarine promotes personal responsibility.  It helps your child to understand that words have power and what they say generates consequences.  Making a gem elixir with aquamarine for your child on a day where he is giving a speech or she is singing in choir can give them a boost of courage to fearlessly express themselves.  As a silicate stone, aquamarine is a communication powerhouse to facilitate positive, honest, and effective relationships.

Blue Lace Agate:  For the nervous and insecure child, blue lace agate can offer an ocean of calm and deliver a sense of peace.  For children who are worried that they aren’t good enough, or who are afraid that they can’t do what is required of them, carrying a blue lace agate in both pockets will calm them down.  This stone promotes soul connection and will encourage your child to pray for the spiritual support they need to recite the Gettysburg Address, do a backflip, or learn how to drive a car.   Your child can also connect with his or her guardian angels by holding this stone and asking for their help with a class at school or problems with a sibling.  Blue lace agate supports gentle communication.  This is the stone for the quiet, yet deep child who has much to say but won’t insert himself or herself into the conversation.  Wearing a blue lace agate pendant and bracelet can help your child to creatively express himself of herself from a place of inner peace.  Because this stones cools the heat of pressure and expectation, it literally assists in reducing fevers.  You can create a gem elixir when your child is struggling with the flu and use the water as a compress for the forehead.

Bloodstone:  This mineral will cheer your child on to success.  Bloodstone supports the development of every talent and ability with which your child is graced.  It supports your child’s capacity to learn and encourages the development of positive decision-making.  Placing bloodstone in the family room brings a burst of positive, can-do energy for every member of the family.  Placing one in the car takes this positive energy to every sports event, artistic adventure, and academic experience.  Musicians can carry a stone in their instrument cases, and athletes can carry a stone in their gym bags.  Just seeing their bloodstones, your children will know that they can do what they put their minds, bodies, and hearts to.  As a silicate mineral, bloodstone helps to build a solid foundation for your child’s understanding of his or her gifts, talents, and character strengths.

Gold Calcite: Because your child’s brain is always growing their ability to perceive their reality is constantly expanding.  Of primary importance is your children’s ability to comprehend what is happening to them, and why, at the level that is developmentally appropriate to their age.  Gold calcite supports the intellectual development of your children.  In doing so it awakens their capacity to embrace science, create art, and practice spirituality.  When cognitive awareness is supported by spiritual exploration, creativity flourishes and this is where gold calcite excels.  Place gold calcite where your children study and send it to school in their backpacks.  If your child is artistically inclined, place a gold calcite where they draw, paint, or play music.  If you are raising a budding scientist, place a gold calcite where they tend to do experiments to welcome divine insight into their academic adventures.  If you have a home altar, place a gold calcite on it praying for the highest intellectual development of your children.  Let your children hold the gold calcite and ask the heavens to help them think clearly and creatively with a happy mind.  As a carbonate mineral, gold calcite facilitates the learning processes that help your child intelligently embrace life with a spiritual foundation.Fluorite:  Confusion is a part of growing up that can either be fascinating or scary, depending upon the circumstances.  Fluorite supports a healthy curiosity that creates order out of chaos and makes learning fun.  It is an excellent study buddy at home and can support learning at school.  Place one where your child studies at home, and send one to school in your child’s backpack or pocket.  Wearing a bracelet on the left wrist is especially helpful when taking exams.  Fluorite comes in octahedral crystals which further supports the intellectual development.  Having this crystallized form of fluorite available for your children is especially helpful.  As a halide mineral, fluorite supports your child to move through developmental challenges with ease.  It encourages them to positively embrace change as a way of life.  And, on every birthday it celebrates the new levels of freedom that your child has gained physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Hematite:  Hematite is a special friend to the hyperactive child.  As an iron oxide, its weight alone makes your child slow down and focus on himself.  Once present to the moment, hematite then supports your child’s ability to listen and follow through on directions.  It promotes academic development, especially in math and science where intense concentration is required. And it is useful in increasing memory.  This is another stone to go to school with your child, and to place in the area where your child studies at home.  Wearing a hematite bracelet on the left wrist and placing small tumbled stones in both pockets can ground your child into his or her body.  This sense of the physical space in which your child resides will eventually lead to better self-control in language and behavior, and to more successful relationships with teachers, coaches, friends, and family.   As the oxide representative of the mineral team, hematite supports your child’s ability to complete projects, learn tasks, and successfully explore the world.

Pink Calcite:  If your children are dealing with the trauma of divorce, pink calcite can be a soothing companion.  Radiating the tenderness of the divine feminine energies, pink calcite infuses children with an experience of unconditional love.  It helps you to teach your child how to care for others, to be considerate and kind.  It promotes the understanding of service as a way of life and of community as a lifeline of continuous support. And this includes your child’s ability to embrace assistance from teachers, coaches, and doctors.  When this stone is placed in all the living spaces of your home it radiates tenderness, compassion, and appreciation into the life of your entire family.   When grieving over lost friends and family, you can have your child place a pink calcite next to the picture of a loved one and have them express their sadness into the stone.  On the other hand, you can have a relative infuse a pink calcite with their love and energy and give that stone to your child to wear in a pocket or put in their bedroom to remind them of how much he or she is loved.  As a carbonate member of the team, pink calcite is encouraging your child to learn how to love, and to recognize when he or she is truly being honored, respected, and cared for.

Red Jasper:  This is the stone for the adventure seeking, risk-taking child.  It supports your child’s ability expansively explore the world and provides him or her the courage to engage in challenging and difficult experiences, such as like rock climbing or white water rafting.  At the same time, red jasper promotes personal responsibility and will help you child become honest in relationships with friends and family.  This includes facilitating the ability to tell the truth when he or she makes a mistake and to apologize for poor behaviors.  All this honesty will create the peace and trust that leads to real happiness and that is what red jasper really excels at.  It is a happy, enthusiastic stone that infuses your child with the joy of living and simultaneously with the ability to recognize when a risk is too dangerous and needs to be left behind.  Have your child carry tumbled stones in both pockets to overcome challenging days at school or on sports teams.  Place them in the kitchen to support the development of your children’s physical bodies.  Red jasper is a form of stone adrenalin for the body and supports physical strength.   Wearing a red jasper ring or bracelet will infuse your child with enthusiasm and optimism and physical power.

Rose Quartz:  If you have a child who doesn’t feel loved, rose quartz is very supportive and soothing.  It infuses a gentle peace into your child’s auric field that can feel like a pink mist in which everyone seems to be kinder, and life much sweeter.  Rose quartz helps your children connect to the power of their hearts and the comfort of learning how to love themselves.  The ability to self-soothe is one of the most important aspects of emotional development that facilitates your children’s capacity to engage in healthy loving relationships as they grow.  Wearing rose quartz jewelry of any kind provides comfort and in that support, your children can be compassionate with themselves and others as they move through the adventures of growing up.  For those children with insomnia, sleeping with rose quartz by or under the bed can promotes kind and sweet dreams for a good night.  And for sad children, praying together while holding rose quartz will give your child a place in which to deposit their sadness of being unloved or unwanted.  This can be especially helpful for the children going through a divorce. You can then wash the rose quartz together and imagine the sadness flowing into the drain.  In all of these instances, rose quartz promotes gentle interactions with kindness.  These are the hallmarks of the divine feminine energies and in this way, rose quartz supports the healthy development of girls into soul-empowered young women.

Smoky Quartz:  Smoky quartz is a stress buster for your children.  It helps your children to let go of obsessive negative images and thoughts of being hurt or manipulated at home or at school.  If your child has been a witness to, or victim of, domestic violence this stone is a serious companion.  It can help your child to release frustration, anger, and hopelessness over time.  It is best worn on the body in a pendant, bracelet or ring, and can be carried in both pockets.  For your child to get the full benefit of smoky quartz it has to be worn consistently for a period of time.  That period of time depends upon the amount of emotional, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse your child has experienced and whether or not your child has been removed from a dangerous environment.  Smoky quartz will infuse your child with hope and the ability to believe in miracles after it has cleared your child of the hurt, pain, and terror that made sadness and fear a part of his or her life.  For families in conflict, placing large pieces of smoky quartz in all the living spaces of the home can help every family member to constructively handle anger and disappointment.  Placing smoky quartz next to the television or computer can buffer the effects of negativity, especially if your child is watching violent television and movies, or playing violent video games.  For a child that feels in danger, placing smoky quartz on or under the bed can offer protection.  Smoky quartz can travel with your child like a bodyguard, providing energetic support and protection in difficult situations and relationships.  Tumbled pieces can go into backpacks as well as pockets, and provide protection in bicycles, cars, and buses.  As a silicate mineral smoky quartz supports the development of personal strength and integrity.  It promotes your children’s ability to believe in their ability to overcome any obstacle to making their dreams come true.

Tiger’s Eye: This is the stone for the child who needs to stand up for himself or herself.  Promoting assertiveness, tiger’s eye encourages your children to reach out and ask for help when they are confused, puzzled, or simply needing assistance.  It supports the development of helpful relationships and promotes a positive attitude towards accepting direction and guidance from parents, coaches, teachers, and other authority figures.  In this way tiger’s eye facilitates your children’s ability to make good decisions because they learn to pay attention to the quality of the person from whom they are getting help.  Wearing tiger’s eye jewelry will support your child’s faith in the willingness of others to help them.  Carrying them in pockets and having them at school in lockers or backpacks will remind your children to ask questions and open their minds to new possibilities.   Have your child hold a tiger’s eye when you have to have a serious conversation with him or her.  When he or she has to have a serious conversation with you, let them bring one along as a sign that they are open to help.  Tiger’s eye is especially helpful with boys who are learning how to become not just physically strong, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong.  It desires to help parents raise sons who are empowered, not only to professionally succeed, but also to nurture loving relationships as confident and productive young men.

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