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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up So Easily If They Really Are Your True Twin Flame

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

An ordinary 3D response, when it comes to our twin continuing forward with somebody else, is going to be giving up and moving on ourselves. It is more than clear that he or she is gone so that everything is over.

In fact, it doesn’t work like the relationship between two twin flames. Usually, the one twin that stays, representing the Divine Feminine in the relationship, encounters things such as the following ones, when she or he tries to keep going forward:

  • Although she or he is the ace when it comes to walking away, he or she cannot walk away forever from this particular one;
  • She or he is flooded with syncs and signs which tell them never to give up;
  • He or she does not meet somebody new;
  • Even when they try to meet or date somebody new, something will always go incredibly wrong in some way;
  • She or he does not feel attraction towards anyone else, except their twin;
  • Moreover, sex with someone else than their twin does not satisfy them.

Basically said, we will be screwed, as we cannot have what we want and we don’t have the ability to walk away too finally.

For those of us that are at this particular point right now, feeling screwed over by our Universe, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

This is because, despite everything, the connection between twin flames is supposed to help us in making the shift between the 3D paradigm and the new fifth-dimensional reality to which we collectively shift into.

Right now, a lot of people think that 3D is actually down here, while 5D is the up there; however, dimensions aren’t places, but they are levels of comfort of our perceived reality.

In fact, we are supposed to experience 5D as our physical reality, or encounter with our twin flame, helping us release everything which keeps us locked in the old suffering paradigm.

One of the reasons we usually desire to make the shift, regardless of the fact that it is going to have us shoveling through our inner sh*t, is because the fifth dimension is actually the Heaven on Earth realm – how we felt in a phase called love bubble with our twin flame.

Such experiences are meant to give us the taste of the good and create a hunger inside us for more. We can access more if we release all the sludge and gunk that weigh us down.

This is going to bring us back to why our twin is not with us right now, and it will also help us access all the profound layered sh*t which gets triggered in this way. In fact, it is a combination of our feelings for our twin and not having the ability just to walk away.

Usually, people mistake their pain as caused by their twin; however, that isn’t the case. In fact, they mirror us, our own profound wounding, and that wounding keeps us locked in the suffering field.

Because, regardless of the fact if we are aware or we aren’t aware of our inner wounds, we should know that they will co-create our current reality forever by default. Usually, this happens because what we consider to be real on our inside, is actually projected as what we experience as reality on our outside, our physical experience.

So, although it looks like our twin is a total jerk, he or she helps us do the vibrational spring cleanings which will land us in the particular life we always dreamed of.

The setup will serve us highest good, although it does not even look close to our reality, the one we hoped for; however, that’s because it brings us into a much better reality – of course, if we permit it to.

So, that is why we should never give up, but instead, we should keep moving forward.

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