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14 Showing Signs You Are A True Introvert, Not Just Shy

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by Conscious Reminder

In a crowd of say ten people, about 2 would be what we call introverts.

They are pretty rare and contrary to popular belief, are not social outcasts, but just happen to find peace and energy from spending time alone. Following are some signs that if you relate to, you are probably an introvert:

1.They spend time alone

Introverts feel the need to spend time alone so that they can energize themselves and recharge to face another day like a trooper.

2. They are mature for their age

Introverts spend a lot of time just observing the world around them and that makes them wise and bolder than their years.

3. They have very few close friends but they are great listeners

Introverts don’t make many friends as much as they make acquaintances. They make good listeners because they don’t feel the need to talk and are very comfortable just listening.

4. Daydreamers

Introverts live in their own world inside their heads, because they think more and talk less. They enjoy living in the world that they have created in their heads more than they enjoy the real world.

5. They are focused

Introverts are really focused. Once they start working on something, they barely ever break focus. They can sit and get things done for hours, without getting distracted.

6. They are intense

Introverts cannot really do small talk. They don’t believe in engaging in pointless conversation and would rather talk about one’s dreams, hopes, aspirations and about stuff that actually matters.

7. They don’t like talking on the phone or speaking up in classes or gatherings

They always opt for sending a text over making a phone call because calls give them anxiety. They also tend to not speak up a lot in classes even though some introverts are perfectly fine with public speaking.

8. They need to write

As they aren’t really talkers, they need to write their feelings down to cleanse themselves of the burden of whatever they are going through at any given time.

9. Social events drain them

They are generally the first to crash after a social event, as they completely drain them. An introvert can take only so much socializing.

10. They don’t miss anything

They are extremely observant and notice everything that is going on around them.

11. They are sometimes entirely different

In some situations that demand them to be more outgoing and make networks; they deliver and act out of character.

12. They bring up random stuff that happened in the past

Sometimes, mid conversation, introverts might bring up things that happened in the past. These details are not necessarily big or important, they might be random and insignificant but they remember most things.

13. They work best alone

They don’t too well in teams. They are their most productive when they are working alone.

14. Their hobbies are single person activities

They enjoy doing things alone. An introvert is likely to have hobbies like reading, writing or watching movies instead of hobbies that require socializing.

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