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Breaking Misconceptions About Tantra – See Further Than Your Limited Horizons

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Here in the West we have limited the perception of what Tantra is. We have reduced it just to slow love making on soft cushions. But Tantra is much more than that.

Here is the most common question related to Tantra answered for you. Hope it will help you broaden your horizons on the topic.

In the West here, Tantra is basically reduced to something having to do with s*x. But what is Tantra really? How can it help me?

Tantra works by exposing and transmuting the hidden energies of pre-conditioned mind, body and speech complexes. It also recalibrates the instruments of these parts that have just been purified.

It allows us to by attuned vibrationally, as until we are vibrationally attuned as communicating conveyances of divine disclosure, we might misjudge the alchemical by which we’ll be graced.

It is as if you can conceptualize all the history, disparate the elements that take you from point A to point B. It is as from unrealized-realized to realized-realized. But you might be really challenged to even speak in ways with which you can transmit the real experience.

To know how tantra can help anybody, you might have to understand the working of kundalini awakening. Tantra proposes the use of body anchored processes of extended mind mastery and introspect. It forces you to look really deep inside any task. It is like the working of a scientist who is looking on the wonders of the universe and trying to solve the unimaginable mystery. It is the true expression of a free will.

In its truest of forms, tantra is not for people who cannot accept the reality; who are with a weak metabolism of lies that we all are told and forced to accept; who are not able to remove the addiction from their lives. Thus, Tantra can be seen as one man’s poison and another man’s elixir. The people for whom it acts like an elixir, it must be assimilated in their lives. If not circulated and assimilated, it will stagnate to create toxic wastes, greed, unstable energy levels and enslavement to fear of the void.

Tantra can never be pointed out. It won’t always be this or never that. By its nature of Non-dual dualism, it functions together as contextual and technical backing for the embodied realization of the life’s work of One in all and all in one.

The word Tantra is rooted in the pre-Hindu times of India. It is a continuously practiced system of ritual technologies for purification, sensitization. The whole system is nature based geared towards creating generative alignment to the cosmic principles of vibration. Tantra is a form of ‘weakly interacting’ general formlessness.

The primordial genesis of the Tantra as a nameless way of existing complies with and defies the apparent constraints of space-time. Th e simultaneity of the whole existence of the being enables precipitation of an electromagnetic field of access into the core of the apparent paradox, where interdimensional co-activity as a human/creature/divine personal becomes more than possible.

I know that this whole explanation of Tantra is a little baffling, but the subject at hand is so complex yet so simple, it is so vast yet so clear, it takes us to the divine yet keeps us grounded.

This is Tantra. What do you think about it?

Share your experiences and practices with us in the comments section below!

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