There Is Always That One Person That We Cannot Get Over

by Conscious Reminder

Those who’ve gone through heartbreaks would all agree that there is always that one person that you can’t seem to get over. Months, years and even a lifetime might pass but you will still not be able to forget them.

You could part ways, change cities or even continents, stop contacting each other, break off ties with mutual friends and still they will somehow be edged in the back of your consciousness always threatening to come knocking.

But their memory is not some intrusive thought that we can’t get out of our head. It is not like that we feel handicapped and can’t focus on our work because we have been reminiscing so much about them. And it definitely doesn’t mean that we are incapable of moving on from them. In fact we might be leading a happy and comfortable life with someone new, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten the one that got away.

Somehow or the other, when we are least expecting it, we would be reminded of their presence and will feel that familiar feeling flooding our senses as it used to when we were with them. Lingering like some kind of phantom pain or pleasure, it would just take a wish of their scent to remind us of all the things they said and the way they made us feel.

And they seem to have an inexplicable hold on us, even now

We know it that if they called, we will always answer. No matter how firm we are in our resolve to never get in touch again, if we see them, we can’t help but go say hi, at least once just to get a chance to hear them speak again

What makes it exceptionally frustrating is that they have this hold on us even when we don’t want them to. Consciously we will try everything possible to get them out if our mind and our life, but the harder we try to forget them, the more persistent they become in our memories.

And what makes this inability to get over them more frustrating is that it took them no time flat to get over us.

We always knew that they will never love us the way we loved them. When we were ready to take a bullet for them, they were just contemplating whether they wanted the relationship to get serious.

But sadly we wanted them so much that we made scenarios in our head which explained their ambivalent behavior. And by doing so we sunk deeper into the quicksand of disappointments and heartbreaks.

And the only way to get out of this insanely frustrating cycle of sadness is to accept the fact that they have moved on with their life; that the two of us was never meant to happen. That we were only deceiving ourselves and now is the time to close that chapter forever.

And when we finally allow ourselves to give that devotion and the love to someone who wants to stay, we will be over those who never wanted to.

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